x THE WMN : Teboho Selatile

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

 Womens month is almost over, Its been a whirlwind. Never in the time of  ThatIndieRunner have we pulled off x THE WMN like this. If you have missed anything head over to the instagram page here.

On this wednesday, lets celebrate all those women who receive comments like. "You look too strong", "You have too much muscle, how are you going to get a man?" We celebrate them because they chose to build their bodies to that extent. Nobody would spend that much time on the gym floor by force. This topic is one that made me excited to have the IG live with Teboho. 

The first time I saw "with an H" I thought wow her body is on point. This is a fit lady, I think our first interaction was when she was sweeping me. She kept encouraging me along the way(This was during the time I was running sporadically) because of being a student. She left a mark in my head, I later found out that she was in the same university class with one of my cousins. Small world ne... 

Imagine my shock when I read an instagram post from Teboho, announcing that she is not running on the streets and she is pursuing new endeavours. In my head nobody in the history and the name of running leaves. We sign a contract with our feet and we are bound until injury. Even if we get injured we still run until we cant anymore. Thats the way of the runner... 

So here she is in her new endeavour. 

So how did Teboho go from finishing half marathon to drinking more than 2 litres a day.

Find out in the podacst below... 



- Other interesting reads for women's month feature the below WMN -

Refilwe Mokgosi , A cyclist, runner and future iron man finisher from Johannesburg, South Africa


Ncumisa Pongoma , A vegan chartered accountant and fitness influencer from Johannesburg South Africa. 

Hasina Bharoochi , A teacher, mother and niqaabi runner from Johannesburg, South Africa. Who improved the condition of her autoimmune illness through consistent running and healthy eating.

Roseline Eyenike , a yoga teacher and my sole mate from Lagos, Nigeria. Who recently ran 45km unprovoked during covid-19 times as part of a charity drive.


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