It is 3:12 Am on a thursday morning, I am listening to Florence + the machine, I think I might change to London Grammar soon though. The Brits make good indie music, google these artists if you have never heard their music. My glasses are off and I have failed at getting my contact lenses into my eyes. Whenever I see my finger approaching my eyeball I blink and I have to start allover again.

[Plays London Grammar - Wasting my young years]

I came to the realisation that I will not be forever young and so I did not want to waste young years. I wanted to chase my ideas, the problem is I did not know what those ideas were. I always knew I was going to be great, that is why I would never take a nude pic. I can not have somebody have such blackmail material against me in future.

If you read my post about my running journey, you would know that I was never really an athlete, I don't think I am an athlete now either. However, I have found a culture that makes keeping fit and engaging with the streets fun.

I love the streets and everybody around me made me feel like a street obsessed person. Lifting weights and aerobics are all the rage now, I tried that scene and I do not like smelling other peoples sweat. It's enough that I am blinded my own.

Thanks to instagram, I found a community of people who are as obsessed with running as I am. I found people who base their lives around running like I do. I stopped drinking on friday nights so I didn't run with a hangover on saturday morning, I have done it before. 10 kilometres after a night of vodka...

On instagram I got to engage with running crews and people from around the world and they inspired me to start something!

What is indie? who is indie?

As I am typing this I am listening to a band called Daughter, now that is indie. A quick type of indie into google gives you this result "a small independent pop group, record label, or film company"

We are told to study our passions and I am happy to reveal that running is my passion and what I am doing now makes me happy. It makes me even happier when I inspire somebody to move, to lace up and run.

When I decided to start the blog, I emailed a number of people asking them for help. One of the people I came across was Nanna Barlby from Voltwomen I interviewed her and something that she said when she shared her interview caught my attention. She said the blog is the first phase of the #RunRevolution movement. I had always envisioned big things for my blog but I had always thought it was just that a blog, something I could not take further.

When thinking about how to execute the blog, I called it an online running collective. Where creative efforts inspired by running are executed, I never wanted it to be a blog about me and my running. If that was the case I would have called it and I would not get contributions from anybody else.

In the way I am going about running this blog I guess I go against the norm of what a blog is, but then again I am indie, INDEPENDENT. is the first phase of the #RunRevolution movement, in the future I would like photography exhibitions, documentaries, poetry sessions etc. All of this inspired by running and you thought running was a solitary sport...

The indie scene, I only got into the indie scene in University. Bon Iver(Bon Hiver NOT BON IVA) google him he makes amazing music. Beasts of the southern wild, Go watch it I can not even begin to describe it. There is a whole indie scene out there waiting to be exposed and that is where the real music is.

I guess I could have typed...

this blog is an online running creative collective that aims to inspire Photography exhibitions and documentaries. This is the first wave of the #RunRevolution movement.

but like I said I am indiekid.

So why not merge the two cultures that I love. TO start something...

Indie Scene x Running(Street) Culture,