Ayanda Dlambulo

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Goals, we all have something we want to achieve however I have been so laid back with my running I forgot that I even had them. After reading this interview I remembered that we all have goals that we need to accomplish. My goal for this year is to finish another half marathon, what is yours?

Q. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do for a living?
A.   My name is Ayanda Dlambulo, 30 years old. I am a Lead Generator for Alexander Forbes in East London.

Q. How do you balance your exercise regime and your professional life?
A.     It’s not really that difficult for me, time management is key. I mean when things are a little hectic at work I accommodate my running and gym in the mornings, they are not the easiest but there is no better way to start off a long day than a 10km run.

Q. What does your weekly fitness regime consist of?
A.   I run about 3-4 times a week, do spinning twice a week and aerobics two times a week. So except for Sundays I basically work out every day, it keeps my mind clear.

Q. When and why did you start running?
A.  I went through a very difficult and stressful time in 2012 and was having trouble sleeping, so one Sunday morning I just got up at about 6am and started running in my neighbourhood. It was tough at first and I struggled with my breathing and felt like I would never see my house again, but it cleared my mind; rebuilt my confidence in myself again; and helped me focus on the positive things in my life.

Q. What motivates you to go out there, when you do not feel like it?
A.  The feeling you get when you finish your run, there truly is no better feeling. It is a natural high and the fact that you create it yourself through your perseverance and strength is most rewarding. I mean I struggle to out of bed and go out running in the winter cold and rain, and sometimes I think “Nobody is paying me to go running, what does it matter if I miss one run. “. But it’s a commitment you make and being the type-A control freak I am, I have a need to control the things in my life that I have control over(because most of it is not in our hands) and that means getting up and going for a run or to the gym.

Q. What is the longest distance you have ran?
A.   22km
Q. What do you love about running?
A.   The freedom.

Q. What do you hate about running?
A.   The sore knees. There is no worst pain than that.

Q. What gives you the confidence to run in the streets?
A.   Street lamps and my iPod playlists.

Q. How do you think running can empower women?
A.  The confidence and sense of achievement you get from running is so empowering, to anyone in fact. Pushing yourself to your limits and doing something that you know most people don’t have the courage to do; gives you a feeling that you can do anything you really set your mind to. 

Q. What would you like to achieve in the future in terms of running?
A.  I am meant to be running my first full marathon(42km) in September 2014 as a qualifier for the Two Oceans Marathon next year, that was my goal for this year. However I have been struggling with a knee injury this whole year so it may have to wait until next year, the 42km qualifier that is. But I will be running the Two Oceans Marathon in 2015, then who knows it may be the Comrades someday – before I’m 35 hopefully. J

Q. How do you envision the future of running?
A.   I see it becoming a bigger movement, not just seen as a sporting activity or hobby but as a lifestyle choice. Once you start running and that bug gets you, you unconsciously begin to shape your life around your running. You no longer stay out until 12am with friends because you have a 6am race on a Sat morning. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Q. What do you think about the lack of exercise among the youth?A.  It’s sad that the children today aren’t active, and it starts with the lack of kids playing outside nowadays. You don’t see any children playing Black Tot; Duva; or uSwimm; like we used to do back in our day and that’s why exercise is not a priority to them, they are not used to being active. But I guess I can’t fully blame the youth of today for their choices, a healthy social life is what is most important to them right now more than a healthy lifestyle and we’ve all been there.

Q. What was your best running experience?
A.  The Discovery Surfers Marathon in 2013, it was my first adventure/trail run and it was my longest distance(17.5km). The race includes running on sand, rocks, and through 2 rivers. I did it with our company team, it was so challenging and such a thrill to have finished it.

Q. What was your worst running experience?
A.  My very first Park Run. It was scorching hot that day, there was no water points and I may have pushed myself too hard but I threw up at the finish line. It was so embarrassing. L

Q. How do you push through the pain?
A.  I keep repeating in my head that nobody has died from running, and that there are others who have already finished the race.

Q. What is your favourite shoe to run in?
A.  My favourite running shoe was this old Nike running shoe I got in 2005 and it was nothing special but the best shoe I’d run in, unfortunately they fell apart on me in the Gonubie River during the Discovery Surfers 2014. 

Q. What can you not run without?
A.  It used to be my iPod but since I started running for club point, I no longer run with earphones on at races as they disqualify you for doing so. So now I really don’t need anything to run but the beat of heart.

Q. What advice can you give somebody who wants to start running?
A.   Just get up and do it, don’t over think it. Take it easy, go at your own pace. Don’t worry too much about when you finish, but just make sure you finish the race/route.

Q. Which Social media sites are you on and how can one follow you?
A.   Instagram: @ayandadla and Twitter: @ayandaDLA

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