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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I drew parallels from my conversation with Anesu. Its almost always that I step into my Yoga class and I am the only black man in the space. Sure there are several factors that come into this conversation, 

- The gym I am subscribed to is regarded as a premuim gym, often referred to as a hotel. I often joke that I need to buy towels before I can downgrade my membership. Now because of lockdown, I actually need to re evaluate my gym membership but this is not the blog post for that. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, please invite me when we can be social again, a boy needs a dip in the water. 

- Yoga is associated with white women, who have coffee at Starbucks after practice. That is the general stereotype and if you search on instagram and pinterest you can see how this is perpetuated. 

- People go to gym to sweat and fall apart on the gym floor. The practice of yoga is not associated with physical duress. My mother thought it was just stretching until she saw me doing a headstand against the wall. Side Note, I still need to take her through her first practice. 

So how do we diversify the yoga space?

Me and Anesu had a lengthy conversation around this topic, her experiences being a woman in business, creating vegan meals and adapting to our new world.  

Another thing I learnt from this conversation is that "Running Is  A Moving Meditation". The next time I am on the streets and things are not coming together. I need to stop beating myself up and accept where I am on that day. A tough, nonsense that leaves on the brink of crying is better than no run. 

View my conversation with Anesu, links are below. 



Other interesting reads for women's month feature the below women

Ncumisa Pongoma , A vegan chartered accountant and fitness influencer from Johannesburg South Africa. 

Hasina Bharoochi , A teacher, mother and niqaabi runner from Johannesburg, South Africa. Who improved the condition of her autoimmune illness through consistent running and healthy eating.

Roseline Eyenike , a yoga teacher and my sole mate from Lagos, Nigeria. Who recently ran 45km unprovoked during covid-19 times as part of a charity drive. 


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