THE #RunRevolution MOVEMENT

It's a movement, Literally. To get you moving, to put your left foot in front of your right foot. To get your lungs to burn, to make your heart race. To make you sweat. To make you feel like you are dying, but at the same time never have you felt so alive. To make you experience pain, to make you tolerant to pain. To push you to achieve something, something that you never thought you could do. To give you confidence, to inspire you to inspire others. To liberate yourself, to feel free, to feel safe on the streets.

The streets is where magic happens, the streets is where we face our demons. On the streets we are alone, just asphalt and our feet. On the streets we test our limits, then we push those limits even further. On the streets we set goals and then achieve then. Even though it looks like we are alone on the streets, we are not alone. On the streets we may forget our pain when you cheer us on, but we want you to join us. On the streets we want you to experience the pain that comes with freedom that comes sweat that comes with joy. On the streets like snakes we shed a little bit of ourselves. You must join us on the streets. You will never understand why we keep going back on the streets, until you experience the streets. not once, You can't have a one-run stand with the streets though. We all know one-night stands never end well. With the streets you must have an engagement happened, marriage coming soon type relationship. It may seem like an abusive relationship at first, oh but it isn't. For you will see what gifts the streets bare if you have the commitment.The streets are always waiting for you, they will never leave you & if you ever try to leave them you will go back.

You pay for swimming lessons, you learn how to dribble a ball, but nobody teaches you how to run. It is something that is within us, its so easy and its free. Its not for the select few who can afford the equipment all you need are your feet really and then you can kiss your fat reserves goodbye because apparently sweat is crying. Oh you will get addicted to the burn, but why not? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

When you see us dying on the streets, with sweat blinding us. Don't think we are an elite special because we are just like you. We are just addicted to the streets and we want you breathing heavily with us every step of the way. We will slow down to your pace because we want you to reach your goals. Runners are the nicest people on earth because we all understand each other and what is happening to us on the streets and we help each other get through it. In what other sport is the last person cheered on, in what other sport do people form buses to get to the finish line. 

Join us on the streets, Join the #runrevolution.