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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

It was a while back when we posted her first feature. Back then she was clocking miles on the streets of Toronto. Read that feature here.

- ON YOU - 

My name is Ashley Dier. I’m 35, live in Toronto, Ontario and am a freelance full-stack marketer and writer.


I touched on this a bit back in 2014, but I started running to be healthy. The ability to move and be physically active is a privilege not lost on me so as long as my body is able I try to be active. My relationship with running is complicated at times. Back in 2014 when we chatted last running was my entire life. SIx years later I’d like to think I’ve matured a bit, both mentally and physically. I still run on occasion but I now view physical fitness from more of a 360° approach. It was through running that I met some of my best friends and got my first glance into what it’s like to push yourself - to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Much like I am, my fitness journey is ever evolving. Right now it’s all about balance. I look to running for cardio, weights and plyometrics for strength, and boxing for conditioning. 
This past winter I became an amatuer boxer and joined a 90 day fight camp. At the end of the 90 days we had an officially licensed match. What. An. Experience. That little place just outside of your comfort zone that I discovered running races, I spent most of those 90 days in that place. (Shoutout @unitedboxingclub) 

Discovering running was really the catalyst that led me to boxing. Without it I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pick up a glove, let alone step into the ring. 


Over the years I’ve grown quite a bit when it comes to understanding what a balanced life truly is. I’m fortunate that my partner is also active and we have similar needs when it comes to physical activity. I feel that making time for yourself and the things that are important to you are, like running or boxing, are important to be successful in your professional life. 


I think the world has gotten incredibly comfortable telling womxn what we can and cannot do with our bodies, and that needs to change. We’ve begun to make progress, but until we make the same amount, have seats at the same tables, feel safe in workplaces and are truly valued as equals to our male counterparts - there is work to be done. 


Representation and diversity matters. Period. It’s been too long. Much like above, all womxn need to see people who look like them represented in sport. It’s that simple. 

- ON COVID – 19 -

At the moment the number of new cases seems to be steadily declining here in Toronto, but as we’ve learned that could all change tomorrow. Personally, both mine and my partners jobs were affected - but given the number of deaths and displacements happening all over the world due to COVID-19, a job layoff pales in comparison. 

I think the biggest personal change has been the value and importance of social interaction. It’s also highlighted for me how I can be doing more to help others. 


I’ve seen it shared somewhere online that whatever “normal” was, wasn’t working so why return to it - and I couldn't agree more. Going forward we need to support more smaller businesses, more Black owned businesses. We need to care for one another more, we need to make sure everyone's voice is being heard. We need to diversify leadership and we need to fix the broken social systems - that should be the new normal.


You matter, your voice matters, and your feelings matter. There are so many people out there rooting for you and they want you to succeed.

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