x THE WMN : Mamello Letsie

Saturday, August 08, 2020


When I first heard of Mamello she was described as that Fast girl. When I mean fast I mean that 4:40/km type of ghel. This was around that time when Nike had a relay for all the crews in Johannesburg, it was hosted in Soweto. All I know is that Braamfie Runners won and the event was never to be repeated again. Therefore, we are reigning champions and thats on that, PERIODT! 

Then Mamello battled with an injury that took off her streets running. We had a conversation about this and next thing I knew we were discussing her new life as a cyclist. I was quite shocked at the price of a bicycle and I don't even have a car to my name. At the rate life is working out, I am most likely to pay for a bicycle with insurance before I buy a car. Then I will be That Indie Cyclist, Woza Triathlon! shall we call it Ironman or? 
A few weeks ago, Mamello took over the account ot detail her journey of moving away from streets (road running) and coming back again as  a cyclist. Pictured below, follow her series of posts. 

In the video below, she details what sports means for her as a woman. 

On that note, what does sport mean for you as an individual? 


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