Yessica Deira

Sunday, December 28, 2014

I was so hacked when she told me that she could not make it to Homies Half however, the roads never close right? We will meet on the streets in Rotterdam, Patta you faced our hills, I will face your winter...

My name is Yessica and I’m 19 years young. I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and I’m in my last year studying graphic design. I really want to combine all my passions in one but I know that I have to search for my style. So I’m very busy with figuring out what my style is and what I want to do with my life after this year.

I used to be very skinny when I was younger until I lost my mom when I was ten years old which changed my whole life. I began to eat my sorrows away and was chubby until I the age of 15. I never was a sporty type when I was younger actually. My dad is the one that got me into running at the age of 17. And of course I didn’t enjoy it right away because I hadn’t done it before. After a half year I had the courage to try it again and since then I didn’t stop. I run faster than my dad now!

I run with Patta Running Team since June 2014. Patta is a clothing label located in Amsterdam since 2004. The running team is running around the world since 2010. We have a great, passionate and hard working team. A team like no other. It really feels like a family.

I’ve gained so much from running since I’ve started. I’m only running for a year and a half now with a pause of 3 months in between because of my knee injury. Last June I decided to run We Own The Night in Amsterdam and I saw that Patta was looking for runners to join that race as a crew member. You first had to “audition“ and I must tell, I was a bit nervous. But I made it and was allowed to join the crew during that race. I had dreamed about running with that crew since the day I begun. I didn’t expect they would actually ask me to join after We Own The Night but they did!

Running with a crew is such a blessing. It makes you go further than you’ve ever been. Running makes me feel free and it clears my mind. After 3 miles you just go with what is and you don’t have to think about what is next.

I really want to go on more marathon trips with Patta. For example I had the chance to participate at the Nike Soweto Marathon this yearbut I had to say no. So that is what I’m looking forward to in the future: running a race in as many cities as possible. My goal is to run a half marathon. Because I haven’t done that before and I’m kinda ashamed of myself!

I’m an indie runner because I run when I want and where I want. I often run without a destination to keep it exciting. And I love to run when everyone else is asleep, at night. It gives a different feeling, like you own the streets.

- Follow her on instagram: @yessicasarah


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