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Monday, December 08, 2014

I've always wanted to be a runner but always had an excuse for not actually running. I would sign up for races but never train. I'd always tell myself that next time would be different. Beginning of 2009, I weighed myself and I was at a all time high of 258 pounds.

I was completely embarrassed and ashamed of myself for allowing this to happen. Completely unhappy, I decided it was time to turn things around. I began to walk after work regularly and changed my eating habits to reflect a much healthier lifestyle. After losing about 25 pounds, I decided it was time to added running into my walk and exercise regiments.

During the early Fall of 2010, I registered for the Southern California Half Marathon in Irvine, California set for early January 2011. I completed that race with a time of 2:31:28. Leading up to this race and for most of 2011, I ran alone. It wasn't till a good friend suggested that I join a running group. I joined a running group and found myself surrounded with like minded people that understood the 'Runner comradery. Thanks to mentors, fellow runners and friends, I set a PR at the City of Peoria Half Marathon with a time of 2:14:26.

Starting the Summer of 2013, I began to train for my first full marathon. I fell at home and fracture the ball of my right foot. After months of being on the sidelines, I felt healthy to try an easy trail run with the running group and rolled my foot during that last 100 yards of a 4 mile run. I broke the fifth metatarsal of my left foot. I had to undergo two surgeries: one at the end of Jan and another mid February. During the months of April and May, I had to have surgeries to remove cancerous tumors elsewhere in my body. Needless to say, 2014 simply hasn't been my year! Thankfully, I am healed from my foot. I am set to have surgery on same foot to remove a pin. As for the Cancer scare, I'm blessed to share that I've received a clean bill of health.

I was doing well with my return to running but am now dealing with a hamstring injury. Maybe too much too soon? Maybe. I've learned my lesson. What I do know is that Running saved me. Running gave me confidence to shine. I am ready to get back into the groove with my running so I can train for my first full marathon. I owe a great deal of thanks to fellow runners and friends for helping get through this storm. Yes, I'm a blessed Runner...

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to grace your blog with my story and being a part of your project. I'm so very grateful. Cheers & Blessings***