Andy Chan

Monday, December 29, 2014

My thoughts on my running journey like.... 

It's all started in 2011 in a office cafeteria. 1st week into my new workplace is always awkward to be around. Learning & trying to bond into the workplace was the first thing in my mind at that time.

At that week, there's a JP-Morgan corporate challenge poster, I glanced it without paying much attention at first, knowing that myself & sport didn't go that well together through past experiences.

A day later, my direct manager come knocking at my door; beside a checkup on my work progress of the week he was there also to rally other colleagues to join the corporate challenge for the company's behalf. Seeing that it'll be an opportunity to get to know my manager better in another means. I'd hesitantly signed up for my very first running event.

For those that have not heard of the JP Morgan corporate challenge, it's a 5km road running event for corporate & compaines that aims at getting companies & their staff members physically active outside of work. 

Without any prior training of any sort at that time. On the day of the first run, I've zero expectations but to finish the race. Finished the race I did, but not without some motivations from fellow colleagues (who'd also “run” at my pace) and some mild cramp on hamstring towards the end.

And there was my first running event.

Without any company sponsored T-shirt, I'd run the first race only a cheap running T-shirt. That didn't leave much impressions to the race-photographers and hence there's no race photo of me on this first run.

A year has since come & past, with my manager had once again putting up the race poster for the next JP Morgan corporate challenge. I'd decided to give it another try; Knowing that no matter how lazy and un-decipline I was with regards to physical training, I would at least be able to beat myself. My former, physically more unfit self that is.

Since the first road running event, I've not getting more serious on my running; nevermind any activities that requires leg movements for more than 5 minutes of my time. Along with the sterotypical office lunch and that alone also didn't help my course to be a better runner.

Co-incidentally, out of the blue at that time, NikeZA has started their very first run-jozi race. The run-jozi race event was only 2 weeks apart from the corporate challenge run. Being able to “run” 5km was quite a feat for me at that time. (given that I was excessively unfit) and pushing myself to do a 10km race was the ultimate test of endurance for me. In my mind at that time, “If I can hold out and finish a 5km run, 10km race is do-able”.

I was right and wrong, both on the same time.

Wrong: because I've not taken into considerations of the unexpected during a race, pain & agony of your body aside; The scenary, the people who also partake the run, the people who'd spend their precious time to cheer you on, and the feeling of accomplisment when you've reached the finish line. (if you've know me for more than 5 years, you'll knew that even to this day I fails things on a daily basis; A sense of accomplishment is always something that I can hold on to till the next failure comes)

Right: because I'd managed to finished the event. 

With all the runner of the first “Run-Jozi” race needs to wear the single colour florescent yellow t-shirt. I've at last got my first running photo.

More on Andy's running journey will follow next week, in the mean time follow him on instagram: @panda_slim and be inspired by the runners on the blog. The end of 2014 is nigh, Winter is coming. We still run... 


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