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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

And! we are back on track, Ke Dezemba boss, people getting married, parties invites say 'bring a friend' and apparently I am designated driver -____-, Journey stories are posted on monday. However, this week is different todays runner is from our OUTERNATIONAL family. She kinda reminds me of Giuliana Rancic, yes? no? maybe? either way be inspired by her...

My journey for Running began Fall 2012 after turning 31. I worked out to stay slim but not to be strong. When it came to Running I hated it!! I was the girl who in High school spend the hour walking and talking with friends instead of sweating it through a Running workout. I disliked how red and sweaty I would get and difficult it would be to breath. And consistency was not my strength.

That fall I was going through challenging times in my relationship and my thin frame had gained about 12 pounds I couldn't easily loose. That forced me to begin to analyze myself coming to conclusion that I've put off truly living my life. Then I recalled a list: "Things to do before turning 30" I'd made five years earlier. To my embarrassment I hadn't done a thing! One of the top items on that list was Running a Marathon.

Keeping self motivated was difficult, no one in my circle of friends were interested in Running. Also I began this journey in November during a time when getting in shape is the last thing on ones mind. Since I knew Running a Marathon would be crazy without properly building up to it. I began with the focus to run The SF Half Marathon that summer which gave me about seven months.

Completing a mile made me feel like a bad ass but then I remembered I had 12.1 more miles to go. I began really slow walking and running. It was more important just to get out there to run. The following month I reached miles 7-8 and I wasn't dying. There were the occasional days when I worked out and felt miserable and cried. I hated myself on days I felt like that because it brought me back to my self hate days. When I began to increase my mileage my knees would ache throughout the night and my body would feel exhaustion for my back to back runs. For as many crappy days I had, there were amazing ones too! The days that were great were days I saw my pace improve and my endurance become stronger. Those days I could envision myself crossing the finish line strong.

That Summer the SF Half felt like the combination of so many feelings and hours of work put in. By now my body had slimmed down and lost over 12lbs. My body felt strong and my mind felt fearless. Been surrounded by so many other Runners pumped me and set me at a right mindset. The SF course is one of the most beautiful sceneries and even if you are a local it will leave you breathless. As I got closer to the finish line I shed off those feelings of believe that I wasn't strong, fearless enough or athletic enough. Somehow I wiped my tears away and said I got this, mind over body. Crossing that finish line was the beginning of my love for Running.

Since this run I've completed a 10K run, 3 half marathons and 2 full marathons. My reasons for Running have changed from chasing the swag and bragging rights for just the feeling of love for this sport and promoting a healthy body and mind. Running has not just changed my body but has changed my determination for living a happy life as well accepting myself with my strengths and weakness. Running is my meditation time, place to think better, enjoy nature at its best and where I can challenge myself to be a better version of myself. Since finding the love for Running I can't ever think how life would be without it. 

I am looking forward to the many places Running will take me and the new challenges it will bring as well. Whatever they will be I am committed on not giving up on myself.

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