Nonhlanhla Khumalo

Monday, December 22, 2014

I have this thing where I eat unhealthy food because I believe I run therefore I do not need to eat clean. This way of thinking worked in 2013 but now it is catching up to me. From 2015 I will try to eat clean and try one of these dishes that this lady always posts. Maybe I can try get her share one of her recipes with the #RunRevolution movement... 

My Name is Nonhlanhla Khumalo and I am a wannabe marathon runner. My journey began in 2009 as a hobby because I felt at the time that I needed some form of exercise, so I gave it a bash.

I would run although I didn't have any gadgets to log and keep track of my runs, I still ran nonetheless. The problem was I truly was not ready to commit to a healthy living and eating clean! After my runs I would devour a couple slices of Romans pizza, there were rather generous with their slices and down it with a few glasses of coca cola. This was a frequent indulgence, more than four times a week! I stopped running the whole of 2010, I relied too much on other people for encouragement. So I continued with my bad eating habits and loved red wine a tad much.

Then In March of 2011 I noticed that my stomach was looking rather round and not flat as it used to be. That is when I started going to the gym had a personal trainer and changed my eating habits and stopped drinking fizzy drinks for good. Although I was happy with the gym result I still yearn to run and experience the outdoors. Then one morning sometime in May of 2012 I went for a run, it was pure torture! My lungs just closed up and my legs felt like they weighed a ton! I swore to never to run again but alas the next morning I was at it again.

I have realized that the reason why I continue to run to this day apart from the love is discipline! The commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle, the various instagram running community journeys encourage and inspire me every single day!
My work affords me the opportunity to travel hence I get to run in different cities, enjoy different scenery around the country, so there's no boredom in my running. The first thing I do when I check in at any hotel, I ask about their running routes or their gym facilities.

My commitment to running is inconsiderable to some people for example on one of my work travels I forgot to pack my gym clothes so I bought apparel but I had to run in my sneakers I couldn't afford a pair of running shoes. Some call it obsession I call it commitment!

The nuisance in my journey is Allergies they are such buzz kill!! If I am not changing running routes due hay fever I am forced to rest grudgingly, the doctor would advise not to exercise so I do not experience further complications as a result of the prescribed medication.

On the 2nd of November 2014 I ran my first official 10k it was exhilarating!! So in preparation for my first half marathon next year, I hope to run 5k and more 10k races.

- Follow her on instagram: @gchild08 to see the yummy food that she makes. EAT CLEAN, TRAIN DIRTY


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