Jimmie Laursen

Thursday, March 10, 2016

On who you are…

My name is Jimmie. Born and raised in Roskilde, Denmark. I'm a self-taught bedroom producer and DJ, however I haven't had much time for music recently duo to my recent start up, working at the local sportstore Stadium.

On running…

I began running back in January 2015, as a part of a "new year, new me" resolution, after countless years of boozing, smoking, junkfood, and a life behind the screen.

But as most of us experience, you rarely stick to it. Same thing happend this time around; I had a superb startup in january... no cigarettes, healthy foods, and I barely went out anymore.

At the end of february, I fell back into old habits, without really giving a damn up until the beginning of June.

I had a moment of clarity, and thought to myself "hell, there was a reason I decided to change things around in the first place.." and from there, my journey truly began.

I was unstoppable, I began to build my entire life up around running, to a point where I literally HATED the rest days.

My life was out there, on the roads, the paths, the trails...

But nothing is ever just butterflies and unicorns, nah man.

In all my excitement, and sudden passion for exercise, I didnt pay much attention to stretching, warmups, and strength workouts. Which pretty much lead to a massive wave of knee and hip issues.

Stubborn as I was, I still went for my first event run (was supposed to do a 13k route), but after the first two laps, the hip began acting out, and I came to my senses, and kept to the short route instead.

Despite the agony I was in after the race, I was flying on cloud nine, and to this day, I'm so happy I decided to go, even though friends and doctors told me it'd be a bad move.

Because; that event, was the reason I'm back on track this day, with a ton of goals for 2016. 

On Street culture…

Oh, I only ran when the sun went down during the first month of running. Despite the pride of actually doing something sporty for once in my life, I couldn't keep thoughts like "do I look like a complete fool?", "god, I need a walking break again, will I appear weak?" etc.

But after a while, I kinda zoned out on my trips on the road, left all the nay-saying voices in my head fade and just enjoy the ride.

And I later realized that, noone judge other runners like that. Which leads me to the next subject.

On Running culture… 

The support! Waow, just waow... Even if you're doing a 1k run at a walking pace, people back you up everywhere in the running culture. Instagram was the first platform where I noticed this, I threw in a #running and boom, massive amounts of likes and motivating comments.

I quickly became aware of, that there is no such thing as a "running culture", it's a family, wheither you're doing three ultramarathons a month, or casually killing a few miles, people are there to back you, every step of the way.

If it was like that everywhere, the entire would be sitting around a campfire with acoustic guitars singing wonderwall over and over again. I have grown in love with the running family, no doubt.

On gadgets…

I'm not the biggest gadget nerd, however, I'll have to mention the Nike+ Running app. Considering, that was one of the first things that got me motivated.

I grew up with computer games, and the fact that I could earn achievements and gain "level" by running, was to appealing to me.

I even caught myself getting up at night a few times, just to get the nightowl unlock hah.

But yeah, this day, I still run using Nike+, along with keeping track of my other daily activities with Garmin Connect, the vivofit band, and Myfitnesspal.

On injury…

Riddle me this... Why oh why, does your body punish you, when you finally, after 28 years of couch-surfing, decides to do something healthy.

It's the harsh reality, and I learned it the hard way.

Man! I was at the peak of my progress, or so I thought, when my body threw me back into the couch again.

I had been overtraining so hard, I went from a total of 80km one month, to 180km the next. In retrospect, I see how foolish I'd been.

Bummed out, completely, and it wasn't even that serious. I only had to leave my lunarglides for a month. But a month feels like forever when you can barely stand a single rest-day.

I spent a few days in self-pity, but quickly turned it all around, and made a strength and recover program for the upcoming weeks.

I messed up, but a wise man once told me "Learn by fucking up", and so I have. I'm now back on my feet, with my eyes set on the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2016 and if possible The Copenhagen Marathon aswell.

On achievements… 

One thing I've learned for sure, after picking up running, is that, nothing comes easy, you can't stress progress, it will punish you if you do so.

Small goals are as important to me as the big ones, they keep me motivated along the way.

It's important to find pride in every bit of progress, in my opinion, mainly if you, like myself, have a hard time staying focused on the long run.

Give yourself credit!

On future goals… 

There're so much I wanna achieve, but right now, my head is all about training for the half marathon, building a steady and decent pace, setting up a diet that works best for me, and just enjoy the ride, injury free this time around.

On your social media…

Again, instagram runners, I'm forever grateful! You lot helped me build this flair for running.

On Pain…

There're obviously different kinds of pain, the warning signals from your body, look out for them.

But then there's the "paiiiin", pardon my french, but that shit's only temporary, in fact, if I'm not experiencing pain during a run, I'm not pushing myself enough.
When I die…

I'll haunt the airlines, until I've had a go at every track in the world.


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