Dustin Grace

Monday, March 28, 2016

About me.

I'm a 24 year old living in Johannesburg, I am currently working doing my articles in auditing and studying finishing off my BCompt Accounting Sciences. Tend to think of myself as pretty laid back and far from what the whole stereotypical accountant. I'm not very good at moderation and am an all or nothing guy. Other than that I'm just out in life trying to find the balance of work, play, fun, fitness and health.

So basically this is my running journey...
As a school boy I was always very fit and played a whole ton of sports from cricket to rugby to athletics to name a few. This always kept me active and in shape. After school I stopped playing sport and ended up picking up about 26kgs. At the start of 2013 I decided this needed to change and so I decided to start gyming and running. I always saw gym as boring and mundane. Running on the other hand was tough to start but as I started getting faster, running better and seeing results I became more passionate about it! From then I haven't looked back on the running and have completed 5 half marathons, with a PB time of 89 minutes. I now run at least 6 times and average 60 to 70 kms per week. I love it!

Street culture...
The Johannesburg street culture is really on the up! People have become far more fitness and health conscious. Johannesburg is also "rejuvenating" the city at the moment by creating trendy hangouts, business parks, craft cafés and restaurants in previously run down areas. This is all coming together and creating a vibrant street culture which is great for the city.

Running culture...
The running culture as with the street culture is also on the up. This is really due to people being more fitness and health orientated. I feel that the initiative of Parkrun has been amazing and has encouraged many to get out and active and run. Parkrun is becoming very popular throughout South Africa. 

This increase in the running culture can definitely be seen with the increase in numbers of runners in the streets in afternoons/ mornings, at Parkruns and all races from when I started my running journey a couple years back.

Personally, I am not too much of a gadgets guy. Since becoming more serious I have started running with a Garmin Forerunner 15 watch to track distance, time, activity and to track progress. Other than that I don't run with music, I prefer to run and listen to surroundings and think about things!

One of the main reasons I love running is due to the fact that you just need a pair of shoes. Anyone can run and be good at it, you not constrained by expensive equipment or over priced memberships.


We all hate it and want as much as possible to avoid it!

Always stretch, warm up and warm down before and after runs, this will go a long way in staying injury free. Also a decent pair of shoes really helps avoid a bunch of injuries. Other than that listen to your body, get the frozen peas on any niggles and rub down the sore muscles.


I see goals as motivational factors to help keep me encouraged, wake me up and get me on the road training hard to achieve those times or distances. There is no better feeling than achieving! For the first half of the2016 year, I set myself two goals:
Run a sub 90 minute half marathon; and
Run a sub 20 minute 5km

With some help of a coach and hard training I have achieved those and now have set my sights on tougher goals.

                                                        Future goals...

Short term:
Run a marathon
Sub 85 minute half marathon
40 minute 10km

Long term:
Comrades marathon
Two Oceans ultra marathon
Sub 80 minute half marathon
NYC marathon

To name but a few goals

                                                          Social media
I think social media can be used as a great tool to source motivation, post activities, find events and keep track of progress.
You can catch me on:
Twitter and Instagram both @dusty_grace

                                                                  On pink...

I have no clue what pink has to do with anything..
Um, well pink is the colour of the tutu I wear when I'm doing fun, dress up runs.


Pain is weakness leaving the body

I believe if you have a string mindset then pain can become your friend.
When I am training and start feeling the pain or get tired I know it is me pushing my threshold and getting strong and that motivates me to push harder!

                                                                   When I die...

When I die, I'd like to come back as a Kenyan runner so I can go to the Olympics and be a killer long distance runner! That would be the life.


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