Dominic Storom

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DOM! DOm! Dom! I chose this guy because... 

He is constantly telling me to go out there and run consistently. I have not been running consistently. I have been running once or twice a week, 9 - to - 5 happened and now I have a pot belly. 

Also he has been trying to get me to do races, I can not wait to meet him at the races. 

On who you are… 

My name is Dominic Lebohang Storom. I like to believe that I am a young, vibrant and highly energetic 27 year old from Mamelodi, Pretoria. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and a street runner by hobby! I guess you can say that I am an ordinary 20-something… I enjoy going to the movies, going out for some drinks with, mates and discovering all the wonderful things that an active life allows one to do with all the boundless energy one receives…

On running…

Running changed my life! 

I decided to seriously pursue running as a means to shed excess body weight after taking a holiday to Mozambique with a friend. There I was, in the most beautiful of places and I could not get myself to take my shirt off because of how out of shape and overweight I was. I got home on the 3rd of January 2014 and decided to dust off a pair of shoes and start running. 

The first run was HORRIBLE! Could barely breathe. Felt as if my lungs were about to come out of my throat. Second run was just as horrible (if not more) as I was stiff from the first run…but I knew something had to give eventually. So I stuck with it. The burning sensation started to subside, the time taken to run a kilometre started to come down and the numbers on the scale also started to come down.

I now try to get in a run at least 4 times a week. I run anything between 5 and 15kms per run including an official race every weekend (depending on my work schedule). I have found that the running provides a great source of “feel good” emotions once the run is done, an even better sense of accomplishment and provides an awesome outlet for stress that has built up over the weekend or the day.

I am now in the process of trying to qualify for the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and plan on running a marathon in Europe later on in the year. Figured I may as well combine my passion for travel with my new found passion for running? Good move I think!

AND most importantly…I really enjoy it! Nothing quite like spending time with yourself, the open road and your own thoughts!

On Street culture...

I am not one who normally keeps up with street culture in terms of what’s happening and what is not. My motto is “Defy all culture…create your own”!

On Running culture...

I think I am lucky to be living in a city like Pretoria where many people have developed some sort of running culture over the years. I hear the running talk quite often in the gym locker rooms (guys encourage each other to run). I am however not keen on running in any type of established manner as I think it will take away from the freedom I have found in running. I never want my running to become a scheduled event that I absolutely have to do. Thus my own running culture is to keep it light…enjoyable and flexible.

On gadgets...

I absolutely love I absolutely love everything gadget and technological. Even in my everyday life. I have an app for almost absolutely everything. This passion for technology crept into the running as well. I initially used the MapMyRide app to log my runs…to see the speed I was running at etc (you are your own biggest competitor right?). However, I got introduced to the Nike+ running app and my life has never been the same. I have also since purchased the Nike+ running sports watch (heaven!!!) and a pair of Nike+ running shoes (which help track some running stats even when you are on a treadmill).

These gadgets and apps have taken running to a new level for me. I am able to set personal bests, beat them and then set new goals to beat. So it helps me set fresh goals and objectives!

On injury...

I have been incredibly lucky that I am not necessarily prone to injuries from running. I do however think that it is because I really try listen to my body…when it needs a rest, I give it a rest. The longest time that I have been out of action is two weeks. I had a stiff achilles tendon. Gave that baby some rest for two weeks and it felt as good as new when I started running!

The biggest contributor to not running remains the cold/flu. Can someone finally answer me as to whether it is ok to run when you have a cold/flu?

On achievements...

I am driven by the desire to conquer and achieve something/anything new…I constantly challenge myself to do things that make me scared. I recently completed the Soweto Marathon (half marathon) and a few other half marathons. 

I had a FANTSATIC running month in December. I ran over 180kms in the month (tracked on the Nike+ running app). Previous best was 113KM (SMASHED!).

I also (which I am very proud of) completed the 67KM ride for Mandela towards the end of the year 2014!

I am hoping that I will be able to add a full marathon and an ultra-marathon to my list of achievements within the first four months of the year. However, there are two achievements stick out for me thus far!

On future goals...

I would like to run at least five marathons, an ultra-marathon as well as an international marathon a year! Who knows, maybe I too can become a Comrades finisher in 2016/17?

On your social media...

I think my friends are bored beyond words regarding all the posts I put up on all my social spaces. My posts normally have to do with the fact that I have completed a run, contemplating one or currently doing one! I have gotten a lot of backlash for it…however I have also converted a soul or two into become runners themselves and that for me is pretty special!

So all my social spaces are dedicated running and keeping healthy. This wellness and fitness thing has completely overtaken my life. Love it!

On Pink...

The colour? The musician? Hahaha!

I actually would be keen on running in pink colours! Think that would be incredibly cool! I am actually running in a cancer themed race come end of January 2015 where the running attire is purple speedos… pink and purple are close enough right?

On Pain...

Some pain is bearable…push through it!

Some pain is however not…listen to your body and seek help from a professional.

A good runner knows the difference! 

When I die...

*long awkward pause before an incredibly assured answer*

I would like to be remembered as someone who lived for something he was passionate about. As someone who lived with intention and who took care of his body, mind and soul. I would like to be remembered as someone who laughed loudly from his inner being. As someone who lived without regret.

I will also bequeath my Nike+ running watch and shoes to my best friend (younger brother) so that he too can come to discover the freedom I chased and found on the open road.


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