Bonginkosi Ndima

Friday, March 06, 2015

On being a thirst trap... ?????

Q. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do for a living?

#The name is Bonginkosi Ndima, age 30. I currently work as an online video editor, part-time Personal Trainer.

Q. How do you balance your exercise regime and your professional life? 
#I believe that we all make time for the things we love. I hit the gym in the morning and go to work after.

Q. When and why did you start running?
#Running has always been part of my life. I grew up in rural areas. Where either way you need to walk longer distances sometimes to get somewhere. So I would run there.

Q. What motivates you to go out there, when you do not feel like it? 
#My motivation normally comes from within than outside. I always tell myself that you worked hard yesterday. So do you want to throw it all away today?

Q. What is the longest distance you have ran? 
#Longest distance I have ran....I would say very long. lol But to answer you under the competition conditions it was 32'5 km.

Q. What gives you the confidence to run in the streets? 
#Well it hasn't been easy especially here in Jozi there's too much traffic. But you try and find your space and do what you have to do. Running on the streets its a most liberating thing. Once I start sometimes I don't want to stop.

Q. What do you think about the lack of exercise among the youth?
#Lack of exercise for anyone its a huge problem. Let alone youth. Especially taking into consideration the lifestyle most of us live lately. Fast foods and drinking. That can lead to a quick ageing and some organ failure. Compare to active individuals. Personal I think every person should take it upon themselves to find one thing to keep them active, soccer, tennis, swimming or running.

Q. What was your best running experience? 
#Nike night run....oh its a complete different experience. Running at night. Shut down most popular Jozi street and just run free. Best running experience ever.

Q. What was your worst running experience? 
#Worst running experience...none hey. Maybe back in High School when I was still very competitive. I didn't want anyone to pass me. And when they finally do I will either quit or be grumpy. But now I cherish every running experience because even if you didn't win. It gets you closer to your fitness goal.

Q. How do you push through the pain?
#Again it boils down to being competitive. I always want to push for the best time if not first position. I know pain is temporary. I just find distraction or motivation. Tell myself if I cover that guy before we get to the next corner than I'll be good. As soon as I cover him I have a new target to

Q. What advice can you give somebody who wants to start running? 
#I will say do it because you love can be tough sometimes especially training in Winter or cold days. But if you passionate about it. You always find motivation to go out there.

Q. Which Social media sites are you on and how can one follow you? 
#Am One can find me on twitter: @bongsndima, Instagram: ndima1st, facebook:Bonginkosi Cameroon Ndima

My best running shoes is …

... New Balance Elite for long distance/ Addidas energy boost for short distances

I love running because …
... its the easiest exercise one can do.

Injury is … 
... Another obstacle..but treat it with care.

My body is …
... Everything and the only thing that really matters.

My running playlist has …
... I don't listen to music while running. I just prefer natural sounds.

I hate running when ...
... its wet

Pain is ...
... temporary

The Road ...
... is my play ground

Sweat is ...
.. an indication of work being put in. lol

In future I would like ...
... to finish comrades and still walk to my car.

Indie means …
... Fresh and room for growth

I don't like runners who ...
... are aggressive. Run your race. Don't push people you might end somebodies career.


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