Friday, February 27, 2015

I had packed my laptop(today is my last day at work) before I remembered before I remembered that I had to post this today. 

Its funny how life works itself out at times, when you think you can not go on anymore something happens that gives you the strength to carry on. In the last 4 years I have grown so much, and when I was 18 and entering university I thought I knew so much about me, about the world. 

I heard the twilight album and after hearing this track I actively sought out to hear new music like it. So listen to this song and think for a minute. 

This is actually my third attempt at a blog, in first year I had a Nokia N8 in those days 12 megapixels was a big deal. You can find my second attempt at a blog on thruthecarlzeiss.tumblr.com and you will find images like this...

As I am searching for pictures now I realise that I used to be so dark. For the first few months this tumblr only had black and white pictures. I do not know why I was in this dark space but these ethereal eerie pictures just made me so happy. 


Looking back at it, I know I was a mess. So I decided "Let there be light" and I started posting pictures in colour. 

Only after I did my first 10K did I start really adding pictures to my own tumblr page, maybe because this was round about the time I got instagram. I have already written about my running journey, I am not going to type it out again. My tumblr was active in 2011 - 2012. 

After 2 years of consistent running, I thought to myself let me start a blog. The motivation behind this though was to motivate you to run. The blog was never suppoesd to be about my running. I have reached out to the corners of the earth trying to get support for the #RunRevolution movement, it has been fun and I have enjoyed connecting with other runners. This time I will keep to this blog and not leave it inactive after a couple of months. 

Let there be light... 

Black used to be my everyday colour, but the more I ran to zoo lake and back. The more time I spent sweating on the streets, the more time I spent looking for bright running clothes. Eye catching patterns, loud colours that made you notice me. You can't ignore me on the streets, you will see me... 

On a very cold Saturday morning we were surprised with running gear sponsored by Nike to celebrate the world cup. We flipped the script on Braamfie Runners that saturday, we were not doing the usual city route. We ran into the city and beyond to Soccer city. 

As soon as we were picking out gear I rushed to the tights and completely forgot about choosing a pair of appropriate running shoes because I am flat footed. I am always told to get motion control/stability shoes however, running shoe companies never really market these type of shoes. Usually they are ugly and heavy, at first I hated running in them. As time went by I accepted that that is what I deserved for having flat feet. 

Medium tights acquired, now to hunt for shoes... 

At this time I realised that the Nike structures were not available anymore, I later learned there were only two pairs and it hacked me that there was a size 8. So, no structures and next on my mental list were flyknits, I looked around and the only ones I could see were flyknit free's in a size 11. Ya no, would'nt work I am a size 8.

I circled the shoes again and all that was left were free's and my podiatrist said I must never run in shoes without support. YOLO I thought and went for the brightest pair. Now I was left with Yellow vs. Pink I sat there thinking about which colour to pick. I had a little dialogue in my mind on whether I could run with pink shoes. Zaakirah said why not the pink and that was that, black tights x Pink shoes x Yellow soccer jersey ----> All the way to Soccer city. 

At that time I thought perfect! pink shoes for the Totalsports ladies race. However, I did not do that race, I chose to do Old Ed's instead. 

Shortly after www.thatindierunner.com was born I realised that I needed an instagram account and it needed a profile picture and I made it a random shot of my pink shoes because I did not have a logo. Somehow the pink shoes stuck with www.thatindierunner.com...

I did drama in high school and we were taught about motifs in plays and movies like the green light in "The Great Gatsby" or Blanche's bathing in "A Streetcar Named Desire". 

PINK is a motif for the #RunRevolution movement. Pink is associated with girly girls and weakness and lack of independence. I have seen the looks that I get when I wear my Pink shoes and yet it used to be a mens colour. A few years back only the brave men would wear pink shirts, It is such a taboo colour. 

Times are changing though right... 

I think if we could give the colour pink a voice.

Pink would say "I can do it" 

Indie Runners - Independent Runners who want to inspire others to Run. 

With these PINK shoes, I will move you...

All Rights Reserved.


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