Sunday, February 01, 2015

So far, 100 posts have been published on this blog. A little less than that have been involved in achieving what the #RunRevolution movement has achieved. 

I think I have learned how people work, in the last month alone I must have interacted with more than 300 people. I have been thinking to myself how to involve the indie runners more within the blog. 

When I started out looking for indie runners I had a list of crews I wanted to interact with. There must have been more than 40 crews on that list and I wanted 1 runner of each to be part of the #RunRevolution movement. Some crews ignored me, some replied to my emails and never suggested a runner to me, some crews were open to the idea and i think I have made bonds with these crews that will be beneficial to us as runners. 

The first crew I interacted with and got a positive response from the Orchard Street Runners who host the Midnight Half, 1 race I need to do before I die. Then other crews jumped on board from different countries. I usually get put off by people who agree to be a part of the blog in one way or another, then tell me how busy they are. However, I remind myself that for every 1 person who gives me that response there are who reply with a smile. 

One such runner is Anna, I searched for an indie runner in her crew because they were coming to run the Soweto Marathon. Also, I like crews and people who build a family vibe around running. Running is hard and there is no reason for us to be bitchy towards each other while our bodies are experiencing pain. Lets rather be fam and drink, party, repeat like we did at the #bridgethegap #homieshalf

What a Beauty...

If you missed the #INDIERUNNERTAKEOVER on @thatindierunner instagram account. Catch it here and follow the account to not miss out. This particular takeover took place a few weeks ago, I always feel so anxious and excited when passing on @thatindierunner account to an Indie Runner. Although, I know it is in safe hands. 

- Follow her on instagram: @anna_akosua 


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