HFPA Old Ed's

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sitting in front of the tv, watching Idols while trying to recount what happened today. Today was not supposed to happen, I was supposed to stay in bed and catch up on sleep. I was supposed to add one more day to my "not running" tally. Two more strokes and I would have two stacks. 

However, today did happen and I regret nothing, because we #runeverything. An 8am race means I have to wake up at 6am,  normally I would not mind but not when i am still trying to adapt to my new schedule but, I knew that I could not miss this race. This race is the curtain raiser for the racing season, for the next 6 months there will be races galore. 

Circumstances forced me to not run this week and I know that if I skip 3 days, the day when I start running again is going to be hell. I saw that hell today, I have read about the wall and I believe that today I almost touched it. Mentally I do not think that I was ready for a 10km. After 5 kilometres I felt like I should have stayed in the car.

I have always wished for a running partner that runs at my pace or slightly faster. Apparently if you are running with somebody and you can have a normal conversation without running out of breath or gasping for air then you are running at your appropriate pace. I tried blocking out the pain with music but that did not work. Honestly, only one person got me through this race and today I got a taste of pack running. I must admit I like having a pacer or rather having somebody run by my side and willing me not to stop. 

This was my second HFPA Old Ed's race and honestly it was a wonderful race. In my experience it is always well organised and a wonderful race overall. Maybe I will try 21 km's in future but I am not sure about 2 lap half marathons. I like not knowing where the road is taking us, nothing makes me feel more at peace than the sound of tapping feet and the heavy breathing of the other runners. I feel ALIVE! 

This post is dedicated to Andy Chan who got me through the last 5 kilometres of the race. If he did not will me to go on, I am sure I would have walked the last five kilometres. 


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