Dear Legs

Monday, January 26, 2015

I am switching it up today, with some motivation for you. Do you value your legs? would you be able to enjoy life without them. As you read this think about oyur legs and the abuse you put them through on the streets. If they could speak what would they say?

Power is scary…Terrifying even…The wow factor of it all can be overwhelming at times. Life can be such can be such an insurmountable challenge. There are days where the bed becomes so much more than its present physical incarnation. It is a safe haven of a hiding place where dreams dwell, only coming to fruition if truly needed. Dreams hide here, warm, safe, unharmed and undeterred. They live safely in the realm of “What If” and “Maybe”. Buried somewhere, hiding, sometimes reluctant other times scared, a beast of great power resides. Possibility and positivity handedly defeat doubt and grief. The Beast, cranky and dissatisfied roars. Legs, sinewy, granite muscular and aged 28 years; Driven by the great Beast that lives inside of me, you have and will continue to take me beyond the realm of “What If” scorching the grounds of “Maybe” leaving destitute in our wake. I find myself suspended in air, floating an inch above the pavement, gracefully pounding at asphalt, dirt sand and gravel. With each step my body plows through miles as earth methodically melts away. POWER, genuine and raw, these beautiful legs carry me with strength, without complaint, even on the most achy and sorest of days. These legs carry me purposefully, arduously, realizing dreams and discovering new ones. Dear Legs, you are appreciated, loved in all your power and grace, admired in your beauty and design.

By Dowell Davis 

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