Mark Casas

Thursday, November 13, 2014

In the early morning, as dawn breaks, one can usually catch a figure running through the streets of Los Angeles. His abnormally muscular, sprinter legs sport black compression sleeves over his calves, a navy-blue bandana tied around his head, black sunglasses on his face, and is accessorized with a long black-greyish beard. Mark Casas is a native Angelino with a contagious passion for running. He is an “Indie Runner” that strives to start his own “Running Revolution” among his peers and anyone who is willing to join along.

Infatuated with running from the time his father began to tell him stories about his Track and Field races at East LA College in the 1950’s, Mark ran his first 5K at the age of 11. As a former competitor and coach, Mark has gained much from running. From his early to mid 30’s Mark had a love/hate, on-again/off-again relationship with running.

Now in the Fall of 2014, as a “Born Again Runner,” who has achieved many personal goals and experienced many injuries, Mark had no choice but to change his outlook on running. At 38, Mark decided to unlearn and relearn everything he knew about training. He began to train smarter and use a “Masters Runner” (A runner 40 years of age and older) training plan as the groundwork for his running program.

Training smarter than ever, Mark continues to learn from running. He realizes that in order to train successfully, there is no room for stubbornness. Only seconds away from his personal records, set over 8 years ago, Mark hopes to set new bests well into his 40’s in races across the USA (and hopefully, one day, on other continents).

Mark has always been an individual that goes against the grain. He is an Indie Runner in the purest sense. He strives to help anyone wanting to become, or simply improve as, a runner.

He would love to be your friend. Find him on Instagram @runnermarx!



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