Lerato Sedibe

Monday, November 10, 2014

I never thought of myself as a runner until recently and I kind of love the sound of it. Mine is a new found lifestyle and I am learning as I go, nothing is as thrilling as the excitement at the start line and the relief of crossing the finish line.

It started gradually last year with the total sports woman's race, I was uncertain and involved my then 9 year old daughter for some form of moral support. For about a month before the race we trained, she was hyped about the whole thing and that motivated me. On the day when we woke up it was drizzling and I thought or no this is not going to happen! My daughter was like, 'no mummy not after all the hard work, we will carry an umbrella if we have to' it was settled then, needless to say it was a wonderful day.

My sister was next on my list, we did the 10 km kudus road race and I was huffing and puffing towards the finish line but I loved every minute of it. I soon realized my shoes were not appropriate for running after a couple of people politely mentioned that I ought to visit one or other store for running shoes. So my Skechers had to retire (lol). I was so happy when I got my running shoes I think I am going to frame them when they have passed their use by date.

Of course my husband can't escape, I got my daughter hooked and every now and then we do 5 km races together. The latest being the color run which she enjoyed immensely. Lucky she caught the bug early and i hope it stays with her unlike me who only started in her 30's. My sister is my biggest cheerleader and my husband had no choice but to join in the fun. The biggest challenge though is training with schedules that often clash not to mention getting him to wake up early, he is certainly no morning person shame but I love running by his side the most.

I love running and I am grateful for the ability to do so. I recently joined the Adventist Athletes Club and I can't wait to get the club vest! I am yet to run my first marathon and my dream to run the comrades among others seems more of a reality. No matter how tough the race, when it's done I can't help but smile. When I am stressed I hit the road and come back with a clearer mind. If I don't loose a few kg's at least if feel awesome. I have fallen in love with Joburg and it's amazing runners running its streets and I can't imagine how I could manage without the nike running application. I will never win any race but I don't ever want to stop!


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