Pondo Ndobela

Monday, October 06, 2014

I love Running!

I run because I’m happy and I run when I’m sad
I run when it’s hot, but also when it’s freezing cold
I run just because and I run to run away from them and from me
I run to appreciate the Wonder that is the Almighty

Running is my passion….running is also my therapy…running is….

Funny enough, I started running in an attempt to lose weight - you know being on the chubby side growing up- this was way back in High School in Bloemfontein. I then came to Jozi to study and thank goodness I ended up with house mates who were just as keen to lose weight so we tried it together, but that didn’t last long.

It’s only in my second year of Varsity that I really got into it. My roommate (who remained my roommate for the rest of Varsity) shared my passion, so we pushed each other. We’d wake up at like 6am and run around the UJ Kingsway Campus (then RAUJ). It’s amazing how it seemed like such a long distance then but when I look back at it now, it seems so short *LOL*. We were so fit and consistent. After graduating I moved to Glenvista (hmmm those hills) and I was so committed to staying on course, well I did, for the first few months at least, then life happened (car, salary, new interests, etc.) and downhill my running went. Suddenly gym was the new in-word (it didn’t help that we had an in-house gym at work), then dancing classes, then kick-boxing, spinning and and and. Funny enough, I’d end up getting bored of those and then I’d go back to my first love – do bit of jogging here and there, a race her and a race there until I get distracted again.

Fast Forward to 2013 and the running bug bit again and this time it bit really hard…. I started running consistently, races every month (sometimes 3 times a month, including night races) and I really loved it. 

I’ve started a crusade to get everyone or at least my friends join the #runrevolution -so far I’ve managed to successfully convert 3 and counting…J. It is then that I decided to include some big running events onto my bucket list and that being completing a marathon, doing a marathon or an Ultra overseas, comrades and then of course Ironman.

On Sunday the 7th of September I was so thrilled to say I ticked off the first one *whoop whoop*

You asked what next in terms of my running….. ticking off the rest of the running items on my bucket list -in that order….I’m still gathering strength for comrades and busy with swimming lessons for iron man *hides*

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