Dikeledi Maboea

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


My name is Dikeledi Maboea, my avatar name is NkeletheIntrovert. I am a wanna-be marathon runner.

I started running in primary school; I was good as a sprinter. I took part in the school athletics competitions. We used to train in the mornings, but only really during the season for athletics, I seem to remember the weather being slightly cold at times but predominantly warm. The teachers were always encouraging towards me, and I always pushed myself to impress them.

My mom also had a habit of taking my brother and I to the Run for Wildlife events where we would do 5km run every first Sunday of the month. My dad was a big fan of the 702 walk the talk event, he encouraged us to register and participate.

My love for running had always been encouraged by teachers, friends and family but as I grew older I had to encourage myself. I often craved running, I used to look at other runners with green eyes. There seemed to be such freedom in cutting through the air and lightly touching the ground to take the next step and the other and the other…

 I have been on the start and stop cycle for a while, I would be excited to start the running trend but quickly run out of steam. Excuses were plenty but never really legit. It bothered me that I could so easy revert to a way of life that killed my body, that didn’t allow me freedom but fed self-hate.   

This time around I starting out small, I have set a goal. I am training for the Soweto Nike Marathon 21km. I have done the 5km runs, the 10km runs or walks and 15km walks and I have never really had to train for them, or stick to a regimen. I just showed up and did them. But this time I am working to develop a lifestyle. After the 21km Soweto Nike Marathon I hope to yearn for another challenge and keep up my life style. It always seems impossible before you start I have often said and totally agree. Just start. Get out, move and shake.

There are days my mind overwhelms my desire to run, but I convince myself to just step out for a walk to catch some fresh air. I spend the majority of my day sitting behind a desk, stepping out and breathing allows me to let go of the stress.

I want to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Cheers to the next run!!!  

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