THE WMN 2017

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The WMN, August is always such a special time for ThatIndieRunner. Its just after the birthday of the blog and we celebrate women. Women running... 

Remember Leigh Gerson who won the Midnight Half because she said he would. Can you also forget the Nike X ray tights which are more scarce than unicorns? Even Alyssa Conley before she was an Olympic athlete. You must never forget Makhi who is always the bus driver and here bus arrives on time... ALL THE TIME! 

These are just some of the women that have been featured during August in past years. This month, women's running be explored. From crews to the latest gear, the latest gadgets. Make sure you follow the instagram (@thatindierunner) account and Twitter (@thatindierunner) account. 

X THE WMN 2017 


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