WANT: Nike Pro Ltd. Edition X-Ray Skeleton Tights.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Image Source: Nike.com

When I started running I had one pair of shorts, I wore this pair of shorts 3 times a week, for probably a few months. I even "extended" the pocket so that my galaxy S2 could fit in it when I ran. This pair of shorts chaved me a lot so when winter months approached I got my first pair of tights. 

These tights were not good at all, I bought them because they were the cheapest option. I could not afford to buy R500 tights, I am a student I can not simply afford such. 

Then I got my first pair of proper tights, which I still use 2/3 years later. 

BUT I am bored of black tights, I have a number of them and they just bore me :( they do not appeal to me. In fact, mens running apparel is just BORING. Which often leads me to the womens section and sometimes I get things which you cant even tell are from the ladies section and even if you can. I do not care I am running!!!!

I think these tights are the best representation of what I am as a runner. I am bones, Tough Bones! These are my ultimate Must Have tights, they were just not brought to South Africa :( and I can not find them anywhere online. 

Image Source: Nike.com

What I like about them is that they show the toughness of a runner. On the front they show the normal bone structure, but on the back they show broken bones held together with screws and Might. That is how the body of a runner is, held together by the determination in themselves. Reminds me of the time I kept running with a stress fracture... that's how I know I am strong, Women you are strong Too! 


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