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Friday, August 07, 2015

The point is Women are amazing and this lady proves it. On the instagram today, while doing what I do on the instagram. I came across a post uploaded by Makosi from another woman who follows her. 

I am not going to type it out, basically the other lady thanked Makosi for being so inspiring. Makosi motivated her to make a change. 

"Nothing will change if you change nothing"

On who you are...

My name us Makosi Musambasi ...a bit about myself. ..I'm the executive producer of Makosi Today...qualified cardiac nurse...aunt...sister...daughter...friend

On Running ...

I love running...those who don't understand call it an addiction...I started running 6 months ago...before that I could not run for 30 seconds without a hot chest and heavy breathing

On your first run...

Growing up I hated running because I had childhood asthma...I hated sports and sports day I simply didn't like how running made me feel.

Then I started going to the gym and it felt like I hit a gridlock where my body stopped burning more calories and I simply didn't see any I started off by walking. Then fast walking and one day I realised I ran a whole 5k well jogged...I got carried away with the music. ..that there helps...good music
Now my house is full of running books because when I do anything I like to do it very well. 

On Gadgets...

I'm very competitive and I win most challenges I'm invited on nike run...or do they let me win

I have 4 pairs of headphones I cannot run without music...I love running to Lucky Dube's rasta kwasa

I have fitbit all aver my many heart monitors

The colour pink is quite girly isn't it ?

On injury...

I didn't complete the London marathon in 2006 I was taken to the the hospital after walking about 16km I'm looking forward to completing my first marathon and I have my eyes on the Capetown marathon next year.

I find my body get injured easily when I don't rest. ..I didn't have rest day until I realised that when I don't rest my body complains with pain...of cos not all pain is bad pain some pain is body saying "oops I didn't know there is a muscle there"

On women's running (Why women should run)...

When should run because I think every woman deserves to experience that runners high...

On the past you...

On the past me..."you don't know what you missing honey , running is waaaaaay better than sex"

When I die...

When I die...I will run into eternity


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