Mapaseka Makhanya

Friday, August 14, 2015

Before I go to sleep, let me bring to your attention this amazing athlete on this the night of the Gsport Awards...

Photo Credit: Reg Caldecott/Gallo Images
When I started running I immersed myself in the world of running. When I do something that I love, I dive in head first the rest will sort themselves out later. 

I started learning about elite athletes, I watched the entire comrades marathon and 2 oceans marathon. In South Africa they broadcast the race from the gun start to the last person crossing the finish line at cut off time. I always want to shed a tear for the runner who is just 1 step away from the last medal, So close! yet so far... 

I did races almost every weekend, I collected medals. It was not until this 1 race that I did that I learnt her name. The story goes she was on a training run and was going to pull out after 32km however she felt strong and saw that she was in the lead for the womens race so she gave it her all and won the race she never intended to. This race was the Gauteng Marathon in 2013

Ever since that day I learnt her name and I never forgot it. She has been winning races, smashing races, she is also a stylista of note.

You will know her name.

Also I had the chance of meeting her :) 

oh ya and follow her on instagram: @mapa_le_sexy she is so funny 


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