Lerato Musi

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Our #WCW on a wednesday...

Q. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do for a living?
My name is Lerato and i'm in the advertising industry. When i'm not chasing deadlines and babysitting clients, I run long distances and read good books but my favorite thing in the world is still sleeping.

Q. How do you balance your exercise regime and your professional life?
Pretty tough because I get home late and sometimes (like when winter is approaching) Its too dark to run in the evenings so I run short distances and make sure that I make up for it on weekends. Running has become a part of my life now,so I try to incorporate it in my everyday life (Sometimes I leave work early so I can go home and run. Don’t tell my boss though)

Q. When and why did you start running?
I started running in 2009 as I had gained a lot of wieght after school but I wasn’t consistent. I initially ran to shed the weight but stopped when life got busy with varsity. I started again about 2 years ago ( for weigh-loss again) and I realised that I really love doing it so I became consistent and started registering for races until today. Don’t ask about the weight!

Q. What motivates you to go out there, when you do not feel like it?
Marathon training. I have started running half marathons and any runner will know that requires a lot of training, so even when I don’t feel like It, I get out there to put in the miles. I have become strategic by running at least one race a month so I always have something to train for. That is enough motivation to run even when im not feeling it.

Q. What is the longest distance you have ran?
21k … Twice now 

Q. What gives you the confidence to run in the streets?
The fact that I can do it gives me confidence. Also, the cammeradarie on the streets is amazing and runners always motivate me when Im running.

Q. What do you think about the lack of exercise among the youth?
Its actually very sad because I hear when you get older it becomes difficult to exercise as life demands so much of you (work, kids, marriage etc). I worry because we are already a nation of obese people, so if we don’t cultivate a lifestyle of exercise In our youth, it will be difficult to change the status quo.

Q. What was your best running experience?
My second half marathon at the Om Die Dam. The amazing scenery made up for the tough hills. I enjoyed running it.

Q. What was your worst running experience?
I have 2 L… One was during my runs in the afternoon when I was doing a 10k. I was thirsty, hungry and mouth was so dry, it was just a bad day to run. Another one was my first half marathon (Nike Soweto Marathon), I got runners’ knee 2 days before the marathon and It was a struggle to run, but im glad I managed to finish.

Q. How do you push through the pain?
I just continue running. The thought of knowing that there is a finish line somewhere keeps me going. 

Q. What advice can you give somebody who wants to start running?
Just run… Don’t worry about how slow you are or how many kilometres you can cover, just run… the more you run is the more you run.

Q. Which Social media sites are you on and how can one follow you?
@Leratokea on Instagram and Twitter. 

My best running shoes is …
... NIKE

I love running because … 
Its fun and I can do it…

Injury is … 

My body is …
 bigger now but i'm working on it.

My running playlist has … 
disappeared. I listen to my body when I run, no music!

I hate running when … 
hate and running cant be in the same sentence… Bye!

Pain is … 
a runner’s thing.

The road … 
is my gym

Sweat is … 
salty… No really, have you tasted it? Yuck!

In future, I would like to run … 
2 Oceans…

Indie means … 
Short for independence… I just goggled it , thanks

I do not like runners who … 
Run on the left side of the road… I mean?? Keep right!


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