Andy Chan 2nd lap

Monday, January 05, 2015

9 to 5 days have begun and spending hours behind the wheel when I would rather be running is not fun. I will try keep to the original blogging schedule. I closed off 2014 with the first part of Andy's story and I launch 2015 with the second part. He is one of the first people I made friends with. If you missed the first part, read it here.

During my early stages of my run, the expectations was to finish the race; but as one improves on their running result in a race, finishing time of a race will drop; and in most cases that's where people will measures the result. My finishing time for the first few races (that was mentioned on my previous post) were at the beginner level. But that alone didn't stops me from running...

With the second Run-jozi event at the corner & need an excuse to get off work early, I'd decided to give the Nike Runclub a bash. At that time, running photos being splashed into their weekly photo album in the NikeZA facebook. That alone had draw me to pitch up to one of their weekly run.

My first impressions of the run-club was as expected,with many of the people are recreational runners; but most important thing is that, they've shown that running can be fun & enjoyable.

From here onward, a single run then leads to another run....

After the 2nd Run-jozi event, road-running has become part of my identity. Friends & work-colleagues from all different background relates to me as a road ninja. That has a motivation effects on me to push my physical limits further & passively drawing them (that were couch-warmer by day, beer-hogger by night) to become physically active at the same time. 

The more I've run, the more limits are been broken (both physically & mentally) and so are the distance being stretched further..... 

And there's no better way to push yourself over the limit than doubling the race distance. 

6 months after the 2nd Run-jozi event, I'd completed my first 21km run & has been doing mid-range distance race ever since.

Right now, I'm gearing up for my first marathon 
Finishing time, unknown. 
Finishing the race, that's certain....

The unstoppable continues

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