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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I actually should be in bed right now but even if I was I would be tossing and turning while on whatsapp. Even though I am tired today I got lost and ended up in Krugesrsdorp from Sandton. All because I was in the wrong lane during peak traffic. my body is conditioned to only sleep after midnight. I have been loving the experience I am getting in the IT office, I probably can not blog in the office because I will probably get fired. Anywho Zaakirah said I shouldnot stop blogging, so I bring another indie runner, I think there are less than 5 to go. 2015 shall let me flourish, they will be getting #RunRevolution gear. Potential Sponsors are you reading this? 

They will be visible on your streets, so from a far off land meet your next #RunRevolution ambassador.

Hello everybody!

My name is Marek and I am now at the age of 21 and I come from Pilsen (Czech. Rep.) but thanks to my father I also got the Italian citizenship. I am a student at Institute of Chemical technology in Prague (ICT) and I play floorball as my primary sport. I do also other sports, mainly outdoor ones, including downhill skiing, x-country skiing and cycling. But we are all here to speak about our one common passion-RUNNING, am I right?

I started seriously running about a year ago but I wasn’t even thinking about any races I would later subscribe in. Suddenly I met this cool group of people in Prague. The club I am now member of is called PragueRunners and we are supported by Nike so the trainings, which take place during the week are completely free and everybody can join. Thanks to this group I really fell in love with running and the feelings after every run became for me an addiction, a really strong one!

Thanks to running I feel much more healthy. Not only physically I mean but also psychically, which is the most important thing. Every-time I get some hard exercise from school or I have to make an exam I go running the day before and I feel relaxed and stronger for the upcoming unpleasant thing to do. I also met a lot of amazing people in the running club who really know a lot about running and share with you many experiences from their races and achievements.

As I was in Germany for a 10km AOK-Lauf (race) I got hit with the idea to train hard so much I could enroll for the Two Oceans Race Ultra-marathon in South Africa, Cape Town. It is a 56km long race which takes place really at the extreme South point of Africa-Cape of Good Hope. I spent some time with a man who went there and he spoke about the race in such a stunning way! So with my running buddy we realized we have to start saving money…Well, that would be a plan for the future-a dream that, someday I hope, comes true!

Not to talk only about some future dreams. I am going to take part in half-marathons from the Czech Running League next year to improve my distance range from the 10k races. This year I took part in the We Run Prague race and the Birell Grand Prix which, both, took place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. These races haven’t been quite successful for me, though. At We Run Prague I had the time 0:45:19 and at Birell GP 0:45:11. But in Germany things got much better! Although I suffered a crisis due to bad breathing I managed to reduce my time for more than two minutes to 00:43:01. I know that „the one” second is horrible…

So that would be the first reason I run for-to see myself improving. Honestly I did a small mistake in here now. The results and my times are just at the bottom of the reasons I run for. I would put at first place the people I met thanks to running-their thinking, the way they do things and how kind they are. Then there is this super feeling after each run which you get thanks to all the endorphins being released. This is also why I want to race more! I have a theory, that the higher is your physical destruction after the competition the more intense is your wonderful feeling after it!

So everybody, after you have finished reading, take your running shoes on and RUN, wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever you are!

Thanks for reading the article! Bye,


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