Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New wheels came through from Puma South Africa. One of their latest additions to their 2020 running selection. The covid-19 pandemic affected South Africa soon after I received these shoes & we have been on lockdown ever since. Currently, we can go running between 6AM - 9AM within a 5km radius of our homes. 

I received the CASTLEROCK-Lava Blast colourway and this shoe positions itself as your companion to the streets (When they are open). Also the gym floor (when they are open) and social vibes like going shopping for non-essentials shopping (when the mall is open). 

Some features of the NYBRID NX include.
- HYBRID foam, a combination of NRGY beads and IGNITE foam which promises a cushioned responsive run. This foam was also used in   the Hybrid Astro and PUMA HYBRID NX

- Knitted Upper 

- PROFOAM Midsole for comfortable runs 

- 10mm heel to toe drop 


Over the years that I have been testing out PUMA running shoes, I have really come to like the NRGY beads and IGNITE foam combination. Not only do I like the aesthetic of the colourful beads popping through on the sides but I enjoy the responsiveness as well. I am usually very sceptical of shoes with bounce because sometimes I feel unstable running in them. This is not the case with these as they provided me with a stable bouncy run. 

They are also very comfortable, the insoles are plush. Much thicker than a standard insole you would find in a running shoe. A nice surprise to slip your feet in and find a plush insole for your feet. Which was rather unexpected because none of the shoes I have received had a cushy insole like this. 

I like these shoes for short 5 - 10 Km runs and for the gym floor, when they open again. I made a promise to myself to explore the weights section of the gym. When I have a social life again, I am going to dress these up with a grey and orange outfit. It will be on my instagram, you will see it. I also like the back strap, it looks like the spoiler of a racing car. I just need to match it with speed... 

HYBRID Ozone retails for R1 699 (men’s) and R1 599 (women’s) from today at PUMA.com, PUMA stores, Takealot (men’s only), Edgars and selected retailers.


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