PUMA Hybrid Astro

Thursday, September 05, 2019

It was a friday, when I got the email that PUMA would be delivering these shoes for me to test out. My job is uncertain and sporadic so I left the house not knowing what was waiting for me at the office, little did I know I would come home to new wheels! 

3 pairs of shoes were dropped by PUMA within the last month. 

I got the Hybrid Astro running shoes in the CASTLEROCK-Puma Blck-Ngy Red colour way. This shoe promises the latest in techonology from PUMA these include 

- HYBRID FOAM : A combination of IGNITE FOAM and NRGY Beads (These                  are the white protruding beads) 

- NETFIT : Mesh close to the shoe laces which allows for multiple               ways to tie your laces,  which provides support.  


Stable is the quintessential word for me to describe my experience running in these shoes. There's something about me, I can't handle running in shoes that feel too bouncy. I think that its a psychological thing. I always imagine myself bouncing away on the streets. There was no such... 

I felt secure in these shoes. At the same time they are not heavy. They were a light ride. These are the type of shoes that I would typically do a half marathon in. I have done a few short runs in them. Light and comfortable, also...

They can be worn with casual clothes for a weekend on the streets. Also as worn by Lewis Hamilton

Available at PUMA, Totalsports and selected retailers for a Recommended Retail Price of R2299. Are these your next pair of running shoes?


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