Monday, March 25, 2019

Versatile - is the perfect word to describe the latest running shoe from PUMA. Much like the Puma Hybrid Rocket you can wear this shoe with your full running gear. Sometimes you want to be on an "Umswemko" vibe with a casual outfit, when you are not sweating. 

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The Hybrid NX features some of the latest innovations from PUMA 

+ EvoKnit, an integrated knitted upper which gives a sock like feel

+ NRGY beads, you can actually see them they are usually multi coloured and in the sole

+ IGNITE Foam, for that iconic bounce and responsiveness

Any opportunity to test out a new pair of running shoes, I accept with both feet. The test is not limited to running though, Ill take them to the mall, on a walk, to the gym. 

These are my thoughts after testing them... 

- They are light, When I wear a pair of running shoes. I don't want to spend extra energy trying to lift them up. With the snug, sock like feel, its not a struggle lifting them up. 

- I can squat in them, do burpees, run on a treadmill. An ideal option from the streets to the HIIT floor. If yoga wasn't a barefoot practice, you bet id be in the trikonosana pose in them.

- These would be great for speed sessions and my next 5km or 10km run. 

S/O to Puma Running for the Drop. 

The Puma Hybrid NX is currrently available at Totalsports, Superbalist and all other sports retailers for a retail price of R 1 699


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