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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Its Spring, well we said this on the 1st September. Technically, Spring only kicks in on the 23rd of September. However, asikho lapho. Remember last year, we welcomed Spring with bursts of colour, short shorts and a soccer mesh vest. As seen here. 

This year we did it again but only with the direction of Loerie award Winner, Verona Banda I met Verona a few years back during the times of Nike Running Club. I watched her blossom from sexy pace to a pace that I cant keep up with at the moment. Again, asikho lapho... 

So when she told me that she had been accepted at the prestigious New York Film Academy, this was my first thought on how this platform could help her get there. Instead of just asking for donations, I thought mmmmm lets display her work in order for you to see where your contribution would be going towards. 

So... what do you need for Spring Running? 

*Let's start from top to bottom*


You are going to spend a lot of time under the sun and you are going to sweat. Well that's the aim anyway, so protection is key! A solid cap is what you need. Make sure it is not cotton and it is made of a breathable material. 


Obvious choice, unless you will be running bare chested. I have been feeling like Winter has not really left the building yet. So the crop tops and mesh vests have not made an appearance yet. Again no cotton tee shirts, we are working with breathable materials here. You know that type that don't stay wet while you are running. 


& long socks!
This is standard procedure, Just make sure that you don't chafe. I think I have almost mastered this. I might make a Youtube video about it. Yes/No?  


The type made for active people like you and me. 


Those ones with the upper that is knitted, you want to feel the air on your toes. 


We are moving away from the black, the gray, the blue. Bring on the pink, green, orange, yellow. Is it bright? Yes! Its fit for Spring. 

It was quite an experience being in front of the camera, I'm usually behind the lens. This is how V, captured Spring with me. 

Below are links to her body of work. The first being the backabuddy page where we can contribute towards getting Verona to America! Click on the link and donate a dollar or 100. 



Agency Work


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