Friday, September 07, 2018

We went through the winter with the elusive summer body as the ultimate goal. Dragging yourself out of bed because submissions for the summer body were closing on the 31st of August 2018. However, this does not make sense because September marks the beginning of Spring. So submission for summer bodies should be pushed until the end of November, right? 

Its Spring now, time to pack away those long tights and half zip hoodies. Its time to unpack those short shorts, its hot and so are you.

- THE LOOK -  

The look, inspired by greens, bright greens, yellow greens, neon greens with a splash of pink. The sun is out to play again, so we want maximum breathability. We want the air to circulate around our bodies, so we can keep cool. Its the season for short shorts...  

The essential cap, Peak cap, Visor, doek... 

Just anything that will provide you with a bit of shade while on the run. Sometimes it gets too much for me and then I twist the cap around, to look edgy. As seen below...

Long sleeve is out and short sleeves are in. Vests, singlets, crop tops. The lighter the material the better, this is actually a Nike soccer training bib. The type soccer players wear over their tee shirts during practice to indicate which team they are playing for. Off the pitch it doubles up as an alternative to a singlet. It has a lot of holes which allow air to flow in and out. If you are self conscious about wearing on its own, wear it over your favourite running tee. The colour is very striking so you can wear it for evening runs. 

These Under Armour Shorts with almost a Split! 

10 inch? Throw it out. 

7 inch? Keep it for a rainy day. 

5 inch? YES! 

3 inch? YES! 

Split Shorts? A staple to any running wardrobe, a cult classic. 

Just learn how to run with them, chafing is real. Especially for those with thick thighs. 

Light shoes, that breathe and match your outfit. An accomplishment easily achieved by These Nike Flyknit Racers. My favourite running shoes for Umswenko & short distances. Not only do they slay with tights, they do the same with short shorts, also ripped jeans and joggers. An all out versatile shoe, that you can even wear to meet the parents with no socks. 

If you are still in the winter spirit, check out our Winter Running Lookbook here


This look was shot on location, next to a Spaza shop in Mohlakeng, Randfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. 


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