Peach Perfect

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Winter, is here. The nights are longer, days shorter, 6 PM is dark but that's not an excuse. So do we run with a blanket or do we not exercise at all. We hide out in the gym because less people are willing to earn their summer bodies in Winter. We also run and when we run, we make sure that you can see us on the road. 

Music, food for the soul or in this case. Pretty much, the only thing stopping from apart all over the asphalt. The essential winter running playlist, with South African Hip Hop Bangers is dropping soon. Keep your ears open for that playlist and to get a taste of South African music, listen to this playlist. It is basically a crash course into South African house music. Also be sure to use headphones instead of earphones. Like these Typo Reverb Bluetooth Headphones, they will keep your ears warm and keep your glasses off from falling off your face. 

Orange, Peach, Red, Crimson Red, Hazardous Orange, Peachy Pink. I am not really sure what colour this Nike half zip running top is. All  I know is this top is very warm and it's as light as a tee shirt. Be warned though during the run this top will keep you intensely hot but not so much after the run. Choose a light and bright colour, they produce mens fitness clothing in such bright colours nowadays. 

Skip the blanket, get the winter running top. Make sure the item purchased has a thumb hole. Why is the thumb hole important? Its a convenient alternative to wearing gloves. Just ball your hands into a fist and this will keep your fingers warm during the run. 

Run Addict? Yass miss kong. Matchy Matchy outfits is a yes yes, so much so that I choose my running shoes for the run based on the colour pallet of the day. The pallet for July is Bright, do not skimp on your brights, Orange goes with red which goes with pink with goes with yellow and if you are brave enough you can throw in green. When it gets too hot, take off that long sleeve top and wrap it around your waist. You will be bringing primary school chic back and not losing money by leaving your running gear on the streets.  

Racy and stripey. Make a subtle statement with your tights. Essentially the design of these tights are just parallel lines, no crazy prints but they are bold. Apparently these stripes have been placed where they are to aid and give you a better run. Make sure they have pockets though. How else are you going to store your phone and car keys. Maybe some coins in case the run gets too deep and you need to catch a taxi back home...

Ankle socks are for shorts, tights and no-show socks are match made at the finish line. Some colours like grey and brown don't go together. Match your socks with your tee shirt, or tights or cap. They are going to peep out and they must fit in. 

Black running shoes are out, in fact pure black running shoes are hard to find. Be brave, go crazy with your shoe selection, blue is not too out there and it matches with red and black. Just make sure they are comfortable some running shoes even have a reflective strip. 

So get out there, winter is here but it visits us every year. Surely we can figure out a way to run during these cold days. 

For an alternative winter running look, check out the June Winter Look


- Typo Reverb Bluetooth Heaphones - R 699
- Prescription Spectacles - Model's own 
- Nike Running Halfzip long sleeve running top - R 649 
- ASICS Run Addict Running Tee - R 399
- Nike Running Power Speed Tight - R  1 599
- Nike Running No Show Socks - R 99
- Puma Speed 600 IGNITE 2 - R 1 999 

* Prices stated above are an approximate cost of the items worn


This look was shot on location in Mohlakeng, Randfontein


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