Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Winter is coming, some could argue that is has already arrived. The temperature in South Africa has already dropped. We have already retrieved  our wool jerseys from Storage. Yes, its a bit cold but that doesn't mean that we need to stop running. I have heard the its cold excuse so many times that I decided to create a WINTER LOOKBOOK just to illustrate that we can also run in Winter. Over the months, ill be publishing a new look every month.

The challenge of winter is to actually leave your bed and run. If you use the winter season to be a gym rat that's great you are getting stronger. If you don't exercise at all during these winter months, you will lose your fitness. 


Blue is not really the warmest colour I think. It reminds me of water, swimming, cold but navy blue is warm though. Whatever colour your gear is, the most important thing is that it keeps you warm on the streets. Stay away from materials that dont dry after you sweat such as cotton, you will sweat and the cold air will hit your skin. You want materials that will keep you warm, running gear that has been infused with fleece. Usually the tag will indicate whether the item is supposed to keep you warm or cool. 

I find that while I am on the run my body is warm but my ears are always a victim of the cold. Unfortunately, ear muffs have gone oout of fashion and they would slip off of my ears due to my sweating anyway. Wear a beanie to keep your ears warm and another great aspect about the beanie is that it stops your earphones from falling out. For winter, we pack away the short sleeve running tee's we need to preserve them for spring/summer. The great thing about these long sleeve running tops is that you don't need to wear a running jacket over them. These do a great job of keeping you warm while on the run. 

Shorts over tights vs Tights only, the great debate. Personally I feel like wearing shorts over tights is a waste of laundry. However, I know that some men don't feel comfortable wearing just tights. Instead of wearing black tights under black shorts, be brave. It is winter you want to be seen. Team your black shorts up with a print tight. The brands are releasing brighter colours and prints for men. Take advantage the time is Now. 

Bounce! Is what I feel when I am running in these shoes. One of the prettiest shoes that Asics has released. The Blue Fade compliments the tights and shorts. Socks? You need socks that wick sweat away and dont slip inside your shoe. 


- H&M Running Beanie : R 50 
- Nike Long Sleeve Running Top : R 299 
- Fitbit Charge 2: Model's Own 
- Asics Running Shorts : R 500 
- Nike Training Tights : R 450 
- Nike Running No Show Socks : R100
- Asics Dynaflyte 2 : R 2 300 

* Prices stated above are an approximate cost of the item. 


This look was shot on location in Mohlakeng, Randfontein. 


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