Wanderful 10

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

At the run clubs, there is this guy. He is so fast nobody can really catch him, a 40 min 10 kay is slow for him and I am like hello, I can only push 6 kilometres in that time. He was fourth in a big race a few weeks ago and I asked him to tell us how he felt. This is kind of a late post, if it were instagram I would #latergram and I apologise for that. Here are his thoughts...

Honestly its sucks coming fourth but I am proud of the time i did it in. 33:26 a great improvement from the Wits kudus race there i did it in a time of 35min. It has been a tough month of hectic training and with each day i have been improving,  so my expectations of wanting to reach podium finish have been growing. I went into the Wanderers 10k very confident & not nervous at all.

They counted down to one, I ran and took the lead from the start. The problem is I started too fast which caused me to burn out a little bit and caused the other top runners to pass me in the 1st 3km. From there it was a battle of getting my confidence back within the 5kms of the race, but once I passed the 5 km mark in around 16mins I knew a good time was coming. From there i picked up my pace and maintained my position of fifth place making sure no more runners passed me. With one kilometre to go i caught up with the 4th guy and out sprinted him to the finish, honestly very good race I enjoyed it a lot but i know I am better than that.


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