Ubiquitous Perfection

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our species seeks and actively pursues perfection as though it were unobtainable. We perceive perfection as being impossible, improbable and Unmundane...We aim to achieve excellence as if we are not by definition a living personification of the very word...Conceptually, we the human animal, the human machine are biologically designed to ubiquitous perfection...Through eons of failure and eminent extinction we have persevered and thrived...Our lives, simply a collective of physical moments and separate perceptions of reality, thought to be perishable. However through persistence, legacy and the altruistic reflections by which we mark our world, we have truly achieved immortality...The artistry of the human machine, a reflection of our capacity for power, strength and grace...The intelligence of our mechanics, a notion towards the purity of natural beauty...Every bone and muscle, every cell and vessel, every synapse and neuron a testament to the fortitude and perfection of the human condition.

- Dowell Davis

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