2019 So Far...

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

This is me... Fresh into 2019. 

🏁 GOALS 🏁 We don’t say Happy New Year no more, but we have Goals and we need to make that happen. Just to switch things up a bit, I asked a few runners to share their goals and their journeys throughout 2019 towards these goals. Well call them Indie Runners, smile and wave if you meet them, they one of us... & My Goals?! 1. 1200 KM for the year, that’s 100 km per month, 25 km per week. Between work, school and everything else in between I somehow need to find this Mileage. So that I can fall in love with running again and don’t have to run at Sexy Pace... 2. Finish an International Marathon, I don’t know which one yet. Any suggestions or invites!? For all the flights I have caught in my life I have never flown out of South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ hae du beyps πŸ›« 3. Drop some kilo’s there’s a box with my favourite clothes that I have not worn in months... less fizzy drinks, less Sugar, more weight loss #RunRevolution #BloodyMonday #MondayMotivation #RUNNERSOFINSTAGRAM #WEARETHERUNNERS #RUNCHAT #RUNHARD #RUNNINGADDICT #RUNNINGCOMMUNITY #RUNNINGISLIFE #RUNSTRONG #RUNITFAST #INSTARWRUN #WORLDRUNNERS #INSTARUNNING #NEVERNOTRUNNING #RUNDAY #RUNNERSBODY #RUNNERSOFIG #RUNNERFORLIFE #BIBCHAT
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At the beginning of 2019 set out some goals. So I have not ran half the number of kilometres I thought I would have clocked by now. My plans for an international marathon are non existent. We not even going to the Kilograms story. 

This is me... During the people in 2019.

I’ve been writing this post in my head since kilometre 11,12 this is where the wheels were unscrewing. That climb killed me and by kilometre 18 I was cramping to a point where I was shuffling so that I could Atleast Pass it. At this point I was thinking of just giving up and I wanted to but I Atleast wanted to get to the cheerzone. I knew @braamfierunners and @totalsportsruncrew and @eastruncru and @thepackrunning and @theninefour and @thesisruncru and @run_tell_that_ was going to lift my spirits because at this point. I just wanted to sit on the side of the road and cry, to eventually get on a bus to the finish. The Cheerzone delivered, after my “finish” I went to cheer on the Ultra marathon Runners. @marukgwane passed us reading a book while running πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The people’s fave bus driver @shahiedathungo delivered her bus as promised with the thickest @mekwa_money in it. @danvieira93 just flew past , he’s quick you won’t see him. A bad day in that I almost missed the whole race & I didn’t get a medal. A good day because I have clocked my highest mileage & I got to see all those strong runners finish their race. Thanks @pink_coyote for your words this morning. @vbasics for basically carrying me Through the first half and @donnyduckie for this shot. Proper Running will resume in Q3. . . . . #RUNREVOLUTION #runnersofinstagram #runningcommunity #runchat #runnershigh #instarwrun #instarun #nevernotrunning #Runforfun #happyrunner #Runhappy #runnerslife #neverstoprunning #runforlife #keeprunning #loverunning #runtoinspire #runnersworld #runningmotivation #OMTOM2019
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So what had happened was me not being able to be active during my time of being a worker and an employee. One of those is finished now, so we are back on the road. 

& 2019? A calm roller coaster of a year. We featured some great runners such as Tshepiso Papa you might bump into her in an aerobics class at the gym. There was a guest post with tips on How to deal with sugar dependency I myself need to re read this because I still have a strong relationship with sugar. Then there was the review of the Puma Hybrid NX they bounce well and they are dripping with umswenko. AH and what a jump, the Discovery 947 rhythm run was... cold! but still fun, actually that whole weekend was fun and I had to study. While all of this was happening I found myself on a yoga mat, although most times I was just there for shavasana (Corpse Pose). Saturday morning was and still is reserved for swim school, I still need to learn to swim in open water though.

For the rest of the year, the plan is to run more kilometres, more miles. Try Bikram Yoga and not just show up for shavasana and swim swam swum (Im still trying to convince my mother to get into the pool with me again) oh and more video content... 


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