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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

I absolutely love the run, in fact I live for it . However, this body breaks, these bones fracture, these muscles shorthen, lengthen and ultimately tear. Recently I went on a journey to get to know me and to pull myself towards myself. This is where The Inconvenience of Losing Weight Series was born. 

I am a little to a lot over weight and I need to shed these kilo's. So I run that's great but I also needed to incorporate something different to my exercise schedule. Over the next few months I will be trying different gyms and workouts. 

Ritul Gym just recently opened up their first branch in South Africa at the Thrupps centre in Illovo, . I wanted to try out their offering so they opened up their doors to me for a 2 week trial.  

- The Philosophy - 

Train. Shower. Refuel. Out. and all of this in 30 minutes. So now the "I don't have time" excuse falls out of the window. The workouts last between 18 - 24 minutes and this includes the warm up and cool down. This is a High Intensity Interval Training gym so think short bursts of explosive movements followed by a short rest between your sets. Classes run every 30 minutes throughout the day and you can make bookings through the app, so there is time. 

- The Workout -

Proud Chest, double chin, squat, backward lunge, overhead press, superman. Those are just some of the words that you will hear during your workout. The first workout is about an hour and its more of an assessment of where your fitness currently lies. The coach checks what you currently can and can not do. They also explain the variations of exercises that come with the different intensity levels. Your body is a machine, so there are no mechanical machines, your body is power. 

A maximum of 10 people can be accommodated per class. Ritual is very big on form so while you are doing your exercises there will be a coach, assisting you if you struggle. This is a HIIT session, essentially you should push yourself hard enough to be completely finished at the end of the class. 

- The Vibe -

The coaches that I worked with were very nice and I didn't feel intimidated. Your only competition is yourself, you do you boo and dont worry about anybody else. It helps that there are mini stations on the gym floor numbered 1 - 10, so you stay in your box and sweat. There is music playing throughout the studio and I am a sucker for new music. So imagine me trying to decide between doing the next squat or reaching for my phone so I can shazam the song thats playing.

So this is what happened. I closed my eyes and tried to remember the lyrics while I was squatting. Then there was the 30 seconds break, so I quickly reached for my phone to Shazam and it turns out the song was Gooey - Glass Animals . 

You will hear at the ThatIndieExplorer listening Session. 

- The Edge -

So you are the type of person that has a gym bag in their car with options. Blue shorts with a blue short sleeve top or black tights with an orange vest. You like to switch it up, you cant wear the same outfit to gym all the time. This is exactly me. 

Only that you forgot the bag at home now instead of sweating it out, you are forced to sit in peak hour traffic. This doesnt have to be you boo. At ritual gym, there are workout clothes in your size which they offer, along with a gym towel and shower towel. Shoes? you can train barefoot. The floor is washed after every class. 

Their app also lets you book classes, buy packages and shows you a history of classes you have done. It provides the coach with information on your capabilities, so that which ever coach you get for your session. They get the full picture of your abilities. 

- The Damage -  

There are various prices for off peak and peak training sessions. You can buy bundled classes which contain a number of classes and are valid for a few months. 

Currently, there is a winter special happening on trials (www.ritualgym.com/trial). With a trial you have unlimited access to the gym for the duration of the trial period. 

  • 1 week : R98.67 (Reduced from R299) 
  • 2 weeks : R148.17 (Reduced from R499) 


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