The Inconvenience of Losing Weight: The Arena

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

It has been a few months since I started this journey and instead of making progress,  I have failed... 

I know what I have to do but it is hard and I know myself, going cold turkey is not going to work so I made a deal with myself. Get Breakfast Right and go die at THE ARENA. So I pretty much get breakfast right except when I am travelling, then I am at the mercy of what the hotel chef decides to feed us. Either way eggs, bacon and avocado never killed nobody. 

However... The Arena kills me everytime I go and I am regular there now just like when I was a student. Remember in this post Life Insights Acquired At The ARENA I described the 08:30 monday class as the Lorna Jane class. I don't go to that class anymore as I have a job now and pay tax, at that time I should atleast be at my desk or in traffic to said desk. 

Seeing that I am back in Joburg for a few weeks and the doors to the ARENA are still open to me. I decided to make use of this and dominate the ARENA. 

This is what my weekly schedule should look like: 

Monday: 06:30 Arena Morningside Class & 17:15 Arena Bryanston Class 

Tuesday: 18:04 Nike Run Club Rosebank Run 

Wednesday: Rest and Vegetate

Thursday: 06:30 Arena Morningside Class & 18:00 Braamfie Runners Run 

Friday: Rest and Vegetate

Saturday: Braamfie Runners Run 

Sunday: 5km Run/Race Day 

In Reality, its not... 
I chop and change as I see fit and thats the beauty. 

This post has been a long time coming but I feel like now I have been through enough Arena Classes to share my Wisdom with you. So take notes from a Gladiator... 


NOT A THOUSAND TIMES, but think about it though. If you do a workout and you dont sweat did you even burn any calories? Was it worth it? Are you satisfied? Well this isnt even a factor here. In that room with multi colour lights and rage festival music, you will sweat! 


They know my name now and if they don't then they know my face now. They will ask me where I have been. I know which trainer delivers which class on which day at which location. 

Stef? When I am brave enough to go to a morning and afternoon class, then me and Stef are besties. She is really passionate about core work and loves using the resistance bands. I think blue is the hardest colour and I should stick to it from now on. Then during the class, we plank and if anybody drops the seconds she calls out don't decrease until that person gets in position again. Her music playlist is on point  as well, she played We Are Lonely By Studio Apartment it was the first time I heard this song probably since high school. 

Buchanan? Yoh, his Thursday 17:15 class is my Phuza Thursday. Last week we spent so much on that treadmill, I felt like it was the only ground I knew. This class always has the highest heart rate for the week. So far I havent had a 1 on 1 with him, but I have seen how he trains AKA on a 1 on 1 and Angazi But I'm Sure. 

Sam? I always told myself that when I am older and stronger I would attend a Sam Ryder class. That time hasnt arrived yet... 


In the past it was simple, just go to Morningside. Things have changed now do I go to Morningside or Bryanston? 


When it is morning and I don't want to deal with William Nicol traffic then Morningside is the place to be. In the Afternoon, Bryanston is the place to be. This decision is also influenced by my craving for a treadmill that I can set the speed on or a treadmill that I set the speed with my feet. Bryanston has the new treadmills that don't have a motor, they have resistance and a permanent 7 degree incline. I also learnt how to perfect a ball slam here... 


I did say in this post Life Insights Acquired At The ARENA that it feels like I have joined a fit community. Where trainers know our names and you have a favourite treadmill. It's a vibe... 

These past few months, I have decreased my time on the road because I want to build a stronger core and body so I can run better. I am doing that 1 squat and 2 ball slams at a time. 

Also this one time, it was just me and Ntai in the class. Then Stef made us do a wall sit and plank, it was bird... 

You can wall sit, plank, run, burpee with us. Your first class is free and more info on packages can be found on while I am just trying to lose weight. 

- As told by Atlegang Mosimanekgosi 


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