Cell C Day of Races 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Remember last year I walked the whole of this race? Why I did this I don't know but you can read all about it here

This year, well this year was different. I went to the race alone, I was trying something new. 2017 is the year where I do things alone.


This race is different from the other races in the sense that it is many races that happen in one day. These races are all 5km's long and the idea is to perfect your personal 5km race. A perfect way for seasoned runners to focus on speed and enjoy themselves. A fun way to introduce people into the spirit of running. I participated in the Johannesburg edition that took place on the 11th of June 2017. 

Initially I was supposed to partake in the sole mates wave, however my soul mate fell ill. Then I tried to get another sole mate but they too also pulled out on the morning of the race. Since I had committed to doing the race, I eventually decided to be part of the Anything Goes Wave.  I truly believe that was the best wave to be part of because this wave was truly about having fun. There were young kids, seasoned runners and new runners alike. 

If you have ever ran around the Roosevelt Park/Linden area you will know of a hill. That hill turned most into walkers and walkers into crawlers. I dug deep to climb that hill, it was bird! also the sun was not shy to shine on this winters day. 

I finished this 5km race slightly shy of 40 minutes. There was a rather entertaining prize giving after our wave. Participants won socks and liquifruit vouchers. All in all this was a well organised fun race with reduced traffic. If you are into fun runs, this should be on your race calender year in year out. 

Thank you to the team for the sponsored entry. 

See you there in 2018... 


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