Cell C Day of Races

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My current situation... Sitting on campus and compiling the spring playlist, keep your eyes out for it. It will be dropping very soon... 

Speaking of Spring, I am so happy it is here finally. I think I was getting depressed from the cold and the grey days of winter.

During these last few days of winter I had the opportunity to participate in the inaugral Day of Races 5km run that was presented and hosted by CellC. Proudly sponsored by Reebok and Totalsports.  The concept of this race was different in the sense that it had different waves of runners that started their race at diiferent times. These waves were themed 

Wave 1: Pretty fast, was for women

Wave 2: Pace Makers, was runners 50 years and above

Wave 3: Sole mates, pairs 

Wave 4: Young, Fast & Free, was for runners under the age of 18 

Wave 5: Anything Goes, the open category for all the runners that did not fit into the other categories 

Wave 6: Elite, This was by invite only and open only to elite runners

I along with my partner, mother, aunt, cousin and everybody I know participated in the open category. On my part I am not sure if this was a wise decision though. I say this because our wave started at 12pm and I had went hiking the day before(You would know this if you followed me on snapchat). 

It was so hot, I decided that I was not going to run. Instead, I walked the entire 5km and live tweeted my feelings as I was doing so. I am not a walker, I feel like a pussy when I am running and I take walk break. Largely because geting the running rhythm back, for me is hard after walking. On this day, the 28th of August I walked, I walked so hard I concluded that I need to learn to walk fast. 

My mother on the other hand, decided to run. Its like we swapped roles. She kept up with Shahieda for a bit and ran her own race after that. She even got to the finish line before me. The cape town edition happened this part sunday on the 11th, I wish I could have done that one as well but I am not a cape town resident. 

Looking forward to doing this race next year again, I might be with the elites... 

We never know what life has in store for us. 

PS! I tend to live snap races that I do, so follow me on snapchat: Thatindierunner and dont miss my race coverage.

x Atli 


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