Yongama ... On Comrades

Monday, June 19, 2017

So Yongama, I know personally if there is somebody that loves running more than I do. It is Yongs! Ever so passionate about the streets, this year he crossed the Comrades Finish Line. Read about where it all started, here

He said his goal was to run Comrades and he crushed it! 

Q. Why Comrades and how did you prepare for it?
A: Besides the fact that I attempted and failed twice, its the ultimate Human Race.

I started by reviewing what I did wrong last year.
Losing weight was number one on the list. Carrying an extra 13 kg's for 80+ km's is not child's play

I trained with a purpose.

90% of my runs between December 2016 and comrades 2017 were for specific reasons like speed runs, hill repeats, heat conditioning and speed endurance.

I made sure I had a plan for the entire race. 

Q. How did it feel standing in the starting chute?
Strangely enough I was very relaxed. in my head I knew I had done enough training. It was now all about executing the plan and praying to all Gods that nothing goes wrong.

Q. 87 KM... what was your strategy to get to PMB?
One thing one must have for such a distance is a plan for the entire way. Not one plan but 3 plans(just incase something goes wrong with your plan A you have something to fall back on)

Plan A: Target time 10:29
get to Halfway point at 4:40 then run 8km every hour, for the rest of the way with room for food breaks (+-30mins)

Plan B: Get to every cut off point, +- an hour before cut off time

Plan C: Stay ahead of all Sub Finish busses

Plan B was what worked on the day.

Q. What were your thoughts when crossing the finish line?

I made it!!!! it is now done!! the hard work has paid off!!

Q. You have conquered the Comrades Marathon, what's next?

They say you have not conquered comrades till you finish both the up and the down run.

Next up is my back to back medal. then I look in to doing Ironman 2019(Maybe)


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