Monday, September 27, 2021


As I type this out to announce this months playlist. I am not sure if I am happy that it's officially spring. It's so hot and it's not even peak summer yet. Whether the windows are open or not, it doesn't make a difference. With that said, Ke Spring and we are ready to hit the road running with more kilometre's in mind. 

About a month or 2 ago, I asked you to recommend a song for women's month, there was a giveaway involved and Nishkah won herself a pair of Bluetooth running headphones for her submission. 

I liked the song so much, I asked her to curate a Spring running playlist. And she delivered! some of the songs I could recognise, some of them were new to me. The track list is below and the playlist is available on  Spotify and Apple Music.

What is your power song from this selection? 
  1. Enjoy it now- Tortured Soul
  2. Egyptian Luvr- Rejjie Snow
  3. I love music- Lebo Mathosa
  4. I Go- Peggy Gou
  5. Feel- Quickly, Quickly
  6. You Give Me Something- Jamiroquai
  7. Time Machine- Alicia Keys
  8. September- Earth, Wind& Fire
  9. Uthando- Soa mattrix, Soulful G, Shaun101
  10. Jump to It- Aretha Franklin
  11. Feel Good- Lira
  12. It Ain't Me- Amapiano remix by Dj Abux X Soulking
There's a TikTok challenge that involves the last track which I still need to do. Until then, download the playlist to your phone, enjoy the music and run to the beats courtesy of @nifty_nish


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