Thursday, February 11, 2021


Last week I had the honour of hosting MR Calmin Valentino on IG live on the instagram account. I must admit before we had this IG live, I was confused on how to pronounce his name. So now when I see on the streets of Cape Town I won't be shy to say his name. I had mentally scheduled an hour interview but naturally that limit was exceeded as the conversation continued to flow. 

In this episode we spoke about
  • How he became a runner and what running means to him 
  • His yoga journey and where its transcending to 
  • Our favourite running shoes 
  • The races he has done, in which he expressed his thoughts on finishing multiple Comrades Marathon 
  • How he survived lockdown and his attempt to transition to being vegan
  • Running Cape Town Marathon in Speedos for the Love Your Nuts organisation. With the aim of raising awareness for testicular cancer 
At some point we were talking about swimming in the open waters and I couldn't end the live without asking him about HOT Yoga. We had conflicting views on this practice. In our past lives, I engaged in the practice once a week, which is 1 too many times for Calmin. 

You can listen to the audio version on the podcast platforms below
You can also view a shorter version of the podcast on Youtube. 


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