NIKE Air Zoom Tempo Next % FlyKnit

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 was the film that the producers of 2012 wanted their film to be. As I am typing this I am watching a documentary on Netflix called "PANDEMIC: How to prevent an outbreak". A thesis needs to be published about this year because WOW! this was an experience for the history books. 

However, with every bad there is some good that comes out of it. With this pandemic I am happy that it has changed the usual way of working. All that time spent in traffic in our past lives, I used it to run, practice yoga and sometimes some laps in the pool. Lets not talk about December though because this month, was for rest and reset. My body and needed this, being a full time employee and a part time honours student really sucked everything out of me. The Gag is... I am already thinking about what I am going to study next year. 


When I received these shoes in the mail, I must admit I was internally jumping from wall to wall. Running shoes make me happy, so you can imagine the smile on my face when I opened my orange box with my Mango orange shoes.

On November 1 2020, Caster Semenya with Nike challenged runners all over the world. To run like they never have before #RunWithCaster that was the hashtag. Check it out on Instagram, mileage is still being clocked. As I write about them now, I have clocked around 70 km's in them and I am scared that I am going to clock 800 km in them soon.

The Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% Flyknit are dubbed the training companion to the Nike Alphafly NEXT%. The idea is that you train as you would with the Tempo Next% and then unleash the Alpha Fly Next% on race day. 

The Tempo Next% comprises of several technologies such as

  • ZoomX foam in the forefoot
  • React foam in the heel
  • Zoom Airpods under the forefoot
  • FlyKnit Upper
  • Offset lacing 
  • Carbon composite plate
These technologies work together to deliver a more responsive and enjoyable run.


As mentioned above, I have clocked around 70 km in these shoes. I can say this. Whatever you know about running shoes, put that in the back of your mind and open yourself up to a new running experience. You can feel the technologies mentioned above even while standing still in these shoes. So my first run was not like my other runs, I really used it to get accustomed to these shoes. Before I went running in them I spent a few days walking around in them, at the mall and on the streets. I was breaking them in, this was needed because the upper is really a tight fit so I wanted to stretch out the upper. 

Every time I go running in these shoes, I like them a little more. They make it easier to forefoot strike, This is what I told Abelang in the IG DM's. I also like these shoes because they are dripping in aesthetics, can run in these with shorts shorts or tights.



The Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% FK is available on & other retailers for a RRP of R3 599.95 (Get it in the white colourway with the blue/pink accents, I am obsessed!!!!!!)


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