PUMA UltraRide

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Something good came to my doorstep during the Lockdown. I am typing this now, like lockdown is over. The Gag is, we are still living with the Coronavirus, trying to exist in this new uncertain reality. Personally, I do not have energy for a lot of things but Running, you don't have to ask me twice. You don't even have to finish your sentence & I am already lacing up my shoes, trying to make it fashion. 

In this case the new PUMA UltraRide. In perfect colours for Spring. 

One of the iconic features of this shoe, is how light it is. The objective by PUMA was to do away with bulky materials. Rather embracing the Reductionist theory, the focus here was cushioning and responsiveness. There's even a cutaway in the midsole, I think of it as the "bridge" feature in the shoe. Bridging the gap between the toe section and heel section of the shoe. Technologies such as ProFoam (For a cushioned and responsive run) and ProPlate (PUMA's propulsion plate for a reflex toe-off) are incorporated in this shoe. There's also a mesh upper, which is on brand with the light, airy feel which the design of this shoe is based on. 


Over the past few weeks I have done a few runs in these shoes. The colourway I received was the white - fizzy yellow edition. There are some parts of my route where I have to run on gravel and I am always worried about them getting dirty. There's a level of adulting that you have to reach to be able to keep white shoes white. I have not reached that level of adulting yet. If you are like me then you have to go for the darker colourway. 

I was also a bit skeptical about the "bridge" which I mentioned earlier. I have relatively flat feet and I am not the slimmest boy on the street. I am part of the thick squad. The soles help up well against my body also I could feel the cushiony sole. In fact you feel this, when you slide your foot in for the first time. Much like the PUMA HYBRID NX Ozone . 

I like these shoes for short runs capped at 10 km, I would also take them to the gym floor once I reactivate my membership. However, I also like them for UmSwenko, as shown above I received the whole outfit as worn by PUMA’s Norwegian athletes, two-time World Champion Karsten Warholm and hurdler, Amalie Iuel. I'm thinking of a YouTube video on how i am going to style the individual pieces. Should I? 

The PUMA UltraRide is avaliable on PUMA.COM and other retailers for a price of R1 999.99


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